101 Modeling’s Bud Lee: Every One of Our Movies Should Have Condoms in Them

I cannot possibly elaborate on the circumstances of 101 Modeling sending Lylith Lavey to do that Bang Bros. shoot with Mr. Marcus.

You know the one – where Marcus’s penis looked like a clarinet with all those ugly-looking tone holes and stuff and Lavey is whistling a tune to beat the band.

Maybe 101 Modeling had no idea what was going on, and Lavey made the decision on her own to proceed with the scene. At least that’s what lawsuits and depositions are for- arriving at some order, or truth of things.

To give you some perspective, Bud Lee who runs 101 Modeling states the following in the book The Other Hollywood:

“Every one of our movies should have condoms in them. What educational-minded person in their right mind is going to advocate unsafe sex between consenting adults? Not one. So for us to look legitimate- to hide behind that banner- we have to allow condoms. But we also have to temper it with freedom of choice among the talent.

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