“14 Years Ago AVN Might Have Been a Little More Important Than It Is Today”

By the sheerest of coincidences, it was revealed that someone, whoever, in the Vatican downloads Lea Lexis movies. Lexis won several AVN awards this past year for her role in the Evil Angel series Voracious.

Voracious happened to come up in Rob Black’s tirade Friday afternoon against Brooklyn Lee [both Lee-pictured- and Lexis were in Voracious]. Lee during the week called Lizzy Borden riff-raff and other choice names to prompt Black going into a tizzy.

After calling Lee an international hooker and a sex slave of Dubai, Black addressed Lee’s participation in Voracious.

“There’s so many things to open up,” said Black including the fact of John Stagliano who Lee keeps bringing up in her blogs.

“You don’t want me to go there, Brook. You don’t want me to start on that which will come Monday. Then you can tell the world how you risked your life and other performers’ lives in sex acts. But whoa…we’ll get to John, later. There’s so many things to go into.”

Black then went on with his dissection of Brooklyn Lee.

“This is a girl who had no business getting attacked by you.” Black said his information will be going out on the Internet.

“Because, unlike you and the people around you who just lie, we’re fact checkers. We actually prove stuff.”

Black pointed out how Lee also ran to Steve Javors over at AVN for support and sympathy. Black paraphrased one of Lee’s tweets:

“Oh yeah, Stevie J., I won my award by knowing you, right?”

“What you’re implying is there’s no politics, right?” Black asked.

[Former AVN editor Mike Ramome, in fact, was fired for his compromised closeness to performer Emily Evermoor.]

“What you’re implying is that AVN is a huge thing, right? Brook, your accolades from AVN are enormous and you got those all by your own, right? So you’ve already established to the entire porn world that AVN is very important. This is hilarious. From all the porn girls that tweeted Lzzy and said I can’t believe Brooklyn brought you into this, what did you do to her. Lizzy goes, ‘I really don’t know.’

“But we’ve established, Brook, that you regard AVN has a huge deal, right? Brook, right? Whooo. Wow. Remember, Brook, what did you say? In your speech to me where all the people applauded you, the ignorant ones, you said it’s so easy to make a porn performer a star, look at your wife. That’s basically what you said.” [Meaning that if it’s so easy, why didn’t Black do it.]

“Here’s a little fact checking, Brook. You said look at my wife, and we’ve now established that you feel AVN is very important. If it’s important now, wouldn’t you agree that 14 years ago it might have been a little more important?

“Brook, would you agree that maybe 14 years Adult Video News might have been just a little more important? Before there was an XBiz, when it truly was the bible? When Paul Fishbein when Eli Cross ran the company? Let’s establish this, fact checker. Adult Video News, November, 1999. The cover of AVN says the women behind the scenes.

“Brooklyn, Adult Video News, the cover says The Women Behind the Scenes. And this was before we bought covers, Brooklyn. Because we buy covers now at AVN. I hope you know that. All those covers? We buy them so we can put any girl we want on the cover of AVN, you stupid motherfucker.

“You didn’t know that? Let’s continue because it’s so funny to make you look stupid and it really is. It’s easy, but what do you expect? You put 75 clothespins on your face, slap your own self, you throw up on guys.”

Stay tuned….

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