17 Minutes Of Pure And Utter Hell For Monica Foster In What Was An Epic Over The Phone Beating By Donny Long!

Rough Friday afternoon for Monica Foster out in Las Vegas as she endured 17 minutes of hell just for the purpose of trying to be macho and prove that she isn’t a coward. We aren’t impressed and she was left in tears. She accomplished nothing by taking this call except to make an asshole of herself.

Foster claims: “I’ve never been on government assistance in my life!”

So while this technically may be true, it still doesn’t mean she’s got a pot to piss in. Foster has absolutely little to no income and has admitted to being homeless recently. Oh, and she’s also given various addresses claiming to live there  including her ‘elderly’ mommy’s house and a homeless shelter in Las Vegas. So what are people to think? Say she has never been on welfare. That leaves a few possibilities. One scenario could be that her folks are supporting her which at 37 is just fucking pathetic. The other possibility is some Captain Save A Ho could be supporting her which makes her a prostitute and a whore. Remember, she has been caught on Craigslist posting ads that seek 40 year old white men and asking them to put her up in their place and pay all her bills. It does not look good any way you slice it, folks. She has nothing to feel proud of.


$167,000 Question: How the fuck does she pay her bills?

When asked how she pays her bills she stumbled around and finally conceded that she is indeed a hooker, which means she’s just living with some old liberal white man, probably a Jew that puts her up in exchange for sex. What a miserable existence indeed. She tweets photos of homosexual and metrosexual young white men while doing sexual favors for some 80 year old Jew in exchange for a roof over her head. Pathetic.


Donny not a prostitute!

Donny does get paid to get laid on web cam, but he does it with his wife and also for the enjoyment of it, not because he needs to. He is also very good at it and is one of the most popular rooms on the site when he is logged on. Foster hated web camming, sucked at it and only did it out of necessity and as the main source of income and that’s just fucking pathetic. Note to web cam models: If you don’t enjoy your work, and many of you don’t, GET A REAL FUCKING JOB! Camming is meant to be side income for those that find it fun, not as your main job because you’re too lazy to leave the house. Many of you hate the work and the customers, well FUCK YOU! Find something else then.


No one hides from this whore!

So while she claims that certain people are hiding from her, that isn’t entirely true. Why would anyone divulge personal info to some useless drug addicted prostitute who has absolutely nothing to lose in life and wants to drag as many people down in the shit with her as possible? What’s the reason? Who wants to meet some smelly, ugly, AIDS infected prostitute in person? What would happen? If you hit her, you’d be guilty of assault. You’d go to jail, she would win. You’d have a mug shot on the net just like her worthless drunk driving sister. She would win. If you met with her and divulged your info, she would plaster it all over the net just as her info has been plastered over the net. She would win. Why would anyone do this to themselves? Does she think people are stupid? Right now, we win, she loses and she’s trying desperately to change that.


No passport, no money, NO FACE TO FACE MEETING!

She kept asking Donny for a face to face meeting and asked for his physical address and he asked what for. She stumbled around, back pedaled, stuttered and slurred and nothing came of it. Didn’t she claim that Donny was in Thailand? Which means she knows she’s in the clear and will never get to meet him as she has no money or passport to travel there as Mr. Long noted in the call. Her claims to want to meet are simply a face saving tactic as people have called her on being the fucking coward that she is and she doesn’t like it. Well, she’s still a coward and taking this call didn’t change anything.

7 Mar 1998: Outfielder Lenny Dykstra of the Philadelphia Phillies in action during a spring training game against the Cincinnati Reds at the Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport

Why so many meetings with enemies?

Why does she want to set up meeting with people she hates? Is this friendless loser so lonely that she has no friends she can meet? Who has the time to meet up with all these people that she will never get along with? One of our associates met up with her for a mediation session and reported that it was a complete waste of time and nothing was solved. Why would anyone else waste the time? What would be solved? Either she’d murder that person or accuse them of assault or some other weird shit. Just not worth it.


Donny Long: “I’m a Porn God.” Foster shits her pants!

When Donny correctly noted that he is a porn god Foster just about lost it and went to the old reliable “You are a male prostitute.” Untrue. Donny is a male web cam model, one that performs with women in the couples category. Male hookers serve men and men alone unless we’re talking about a guy like Markus Destin who tried to be a legal male prostitute at a Nevada brothel but that didn’t work out as women do not pay for sex.


Foster not attractive!

Foster attacked Mr Long’s looks during the call and she does this alot @ people but who dos she think she’s fooling? Foster: YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE! Our associate that met her at mediation reports that she was a mouth breathing ape with giant nerd glasses that had shitty bone structure and a bad physique. We have all seen that of course on the tubes and cams but she had the benefit of photoshop and lighting there. In her most recent photos, she has Twitter buzzing with her fat, flabby gut that has her looking just pathetic and out of condition and her sagging face and eye bags that has her looking about 50. She also posted one photo that showed her on a hiking trail in Las Vegas in bright sunlight that emphasized her thinning hair. We’ve seen her parents. We’ve seen her sister. We’ve seen her from every imaginable angles. You can only put so much lipstick on a pig. The men that she does find attractive are gay white men that wear speedos and would never bother with a woman much less a homely, fat black 40 year old women with a miserable attitude. The men she can get are ones like Barry Nelson, Kelly Robinson and another black troll whose name escapes me. Don’t play out of your league.


Gay This, Gay That…

Foster, like the 40 year old child that she is, went to the gay card many times during the call but we’re not sure why. She was spawned from a gay man yet she hates gay people? Yet she is only attracted to gay white men? Very confusing and weird. We can’t figure this one out. We’ll take a wild guess and say she hates her father for what he did to the family but she’s a giant fag hag that is attracted to homosexual men. And we’ll leave it there. The gay card gets real old and boring from her though.

Monica Foster

“I’m no coward!”

So at around the 10 minute mark of the call, Foster patted herself on the back for taking the call and claimed she was not a coward. Sorry honey, that doesn’t cut it. We want a Skype debate where you don’t talk over people and where a mediator asks questions since you love mediation so much. As for your threats, been making them for years and nothing ever comes of it. You don’t have the means to meet anyone so you will not be taken seriously. You don’t have balls you just have a lot of free time on your hands and a need for attention.


“I will find you!”

At this point of the call she made more threats to find Mr. Long. We believe she’ll try as she has no life and nothing but time to do so but what if she does find him (He tweeted his actual address on Twitter after the call, BTW). What’s the next step? What’s she gonna do? Can she even leave the country with the $167k judgement against her and a court date scheduled in January? This woman is completely delusional. Even if she could come up with the money to travel she may have other obstacles preventing her from doing so. Ain’t gonna happen, honey.


Donny Long: 6’1″, Monica Foster 5’5!”

So this little 5/5 twirp Foster claimed she’d meet Donny one day face to face. OK, then what? Obviously she’s fair game to be bitch slapped at that point since she called Donny out and is making threats but how would someone so small do anything to Donny? When he slaps the shit oot of her, how long will it take for her to press charges and play the victim card? This is what she wants. Word has it that she wants to be either severely beaten ala Christy Mack ($100k in donations on GoFundME) or killed and put out of the misery that is her “life.” Don’t do it. Let her rot.

Monica Foster

“I’m a strong black woman and I scare the hell out of you!”

So here we have more of the black card being played by the permanent black victim. Not sire of the point of this comment but Donny has been with black women before – this week in fact on cam with a young 20 something light skinned black girl who swallowed his load. Why be afraid? And with Foster, what’s really to be afraid of after 6 years of empty threats and her only court appearance resulting in a brutal, life altering loss?

Monica Foster

“Are you done now?”

Around the 12 minute mark of the call, a defeated Foster asked this question of Donny. She was beaten, bloodied and bruised, she had no more answers. Her embarrassing past had been brought up and shoved right own her throat. It was all over and the fat lady was getting ready to sing.


“I’m just having fun!”

Donny noted that this was just a day off for him and that he had some time to fuck with her and that was the only reason the call was happening. He is correct and those that follow Mr. Long know that he goes stretches of time without logging on and tweeting. Foster doesn’t take a day or even an hour off from her rants and has been known to go on 3 day binges that are fueled by wine, adrenaline, cocaine and who knows what else.


“You’re almost 40 years old, Monica, GIVE IT UP!”

In what was the truest comment by other party during the entire call, Mr. Long asked Ms. Foster why she continues to do this in her old age. When this all started she was something like 29, maybe 30 years old but as she nears 40 and has been kicked up and down, what does she have to gain at this point? The Randazza judgement should have been the final straw and even some of her loyal followers have told her that she cannot and will not win. Why does she keep doing it? It solves nothing.


“Take down your sites and end it!”

Mr. Long asked that she take down her sites and told her this could all be over and her answer? A resounding Nooooooo. I mean what does she have to move forward with outside of the sites? Husband? Boyfriend? Family? Job? Career? Life? Again Nooooooooooooo!


Donny/Heather and THIS BLOGGER laughed our fucking asses off!

Face it folks, this call was fucken hilarious. I laughed as did Donny and Heather and so will thousands more that see this video and read this article. Meanwhile, Foster was as serious as a heart attack.


“Say hello To Heather!”

Heather Deep then took to the phone to own the fuck out of Foster, calling her and her nasty hairy pussy pictures “disgusting.” It was also noted that scores of people agree with this as Foster is something of an internet laughing stock.


Foster concedes, phone call ends

We couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for Monica at the end of the call as Donny and Heather busted her up and owned her to the point that Foster could do no more than sit there in silence as she prepared herself to cry. Donny actually took it quite easy on her during this call as well. He did note correctly that it is time for her to finally move on. OK. we all understand her bitterness as she failed out of the biz, she failed as a web cam model and an escort, she couldn’t get an attractive white man to marry and take care of her BUT – MOVE. THE. FUCK. ON already. Continuing this charade is not accomplishing a darn thing. Foster couldn’t take it any more when comments about her legal troubles were brought up and possible future lawsuits and she claimed she was getting another call (At just the point were she had nothing more to say and was getting buried even further) and she ended the call. Poor Monica. 🙁


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