2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood on Howard Stern

from www.marksfriggin.com – Howard said they had Sara Jean Underwood coming in. She’s the host of some martial arts show. Sara said that it was hard to come in at this time of morning. Robin figured that she was good looking at any time of the day but she said that’s not the case.

Howard asked Sara about this martial arts stuff and if she’s really into it. She said that she thinks they wanted her because she’s hot but she is into that kind of stuff. Howard asked about what she does on this channel. She said she does a bunch of stuff like introducing the movies and stuff.

Howard asked Sara why she got implants. She had A-cups before and she went out and did this Playboy thing on a whim. She said she was really small chested and thought that they wouldn’t want her but they didn’t care. She said she tried out for it and they picked her to be in the magazine. Sara said she went to the audition at a Best Western hotel room and that was kind of odd. Sara said she thought she didn’t have to do nudity. She said that they told her she had to get naked when she went in there though. Sara said she got permission from her parents to do that before she did.

Howard asked Sara if she was self conscious of her breasts. She said she had dated a guy for 5 years and he never saw her boobs. She said she kept her bra on all the time when they had sex. She said she would wear padded bras and cutlets in them to make them seem bigger. She said she was embarrassed for her boyfriend to find out they weren’t big. Howard said he must have felt let down by that but she was really just ashamed of her body.

Sara said she was from a small town and she did have the hottest guy in high school. She said she dated him until she got the Playmate of the Year title. Sara said she kind of grew out of him and he was more of a best friend to her.

Sara said that she stays in touch with the boyfriend but she has a new boyfriend now. Howard said he must miss her now. She said that he might want to be back together but she’s moved on. Sara said that she dated him for like 7 years. Sara said she’s only been with 3 guys in her life.

Howard said that Sara must get hit on a lot at the Playboy mansion and stuff. She said that she doesn’t really get hit on much there. She said that Hef has been great to her though.

Howard said that Playboy has been very good for her. She got a TV show out of that. Sara said that’s been very good for her. Artie was doing an impression of the boyfriend asking her to come back to him.

Sara said she went to college for a few years but she still doesn’t know what she wants to do for a living. Howard asked her what she did when she got to L.A. He read that she dated Ryan Seacrest. She said that she was dating that guy at the time. She said she’s really not into the Hollywood scene. She said it’s all about going to fancy dinners and stuff and that’s just not her. She said that it was always a big to do when they’d plan to go out so she wasn’t into that. Howard said he would take her out one on one and not with a group of people. Sara said she just wasn’t feeling that whole thing.

Howard said Ryan must get so much pussy that he can’t concentrate on just one person. Howard said Sara deserves to have all of the attention when you go out to dinner. Howard said maybe the guy is so full of himself that she’s just a piece of meat to him. She said she didn’t feel that way. She said Ryan likes to have a group of people to entertain.

Howard read that they would go to dinner and he’d tell her that he had to sit in a certain seat because it was his good side. She said that it was kind of a joke and he would do that joking around. Howard asked if she ever made love to him. She said no. Sara said they were dating on and off for like 2 years. Howard said there’s something wrong with him if they didn’t do it.

Sara said that Ryan would invite her over to hang out at his house and his whole family would be there. she said she’d just go home after. Howard asked if she made out with him. She said she kissed him but that was about it. She didn’t do anything else. Howard said that’s abnormal. He said he’s a man and he’s famous and he dated in between wives and he knows that he’d bang her if he was dating her. Howard said he’d be alone with her. Sara said that Ryan did try but she wasn’t feeling it. she said that he did try with her but she wasn’t feeling it so she would just give it a try a few months later and it never worked out.

Sara said that she told Ryan that she had only been with two guys so it was kind of her fault that he didn’t get her. Howard said he thinks that Ryan has sexual issues. He said that he guarantees that he would make it work with her. He said that if she was offended by the way he looks he’d put on the astronaut helmet.

Howard asked what kind of bathing suit Ryan wears. She said he wears board shorts. Howard said any guy who isn’t in board shorts has something wrong. Sara said he was fine that way. Sara said that she’s very flaky so that might have been her fault.

Howard said he read that she met Hayden Christianson too. He asked what happened there. She said she froze up when she met him. She said she laughed and walked away when he asked her where she was from. She said she was just so nervous she walked away. She also met Jake Gyllenhaal too and did the same thing.

Sara said that she has met a lot of people at the Playboy mansion and she found that a lot of them are messed up with weird personalities.

Howard asked her how she got this Blackbelt TV gig. She said she went out to audition for it. She said you can find out more at Blackbelt.com if you don’t have it on your cable service.

Howard asked Sara if she touches herself a lot. She said she never masturbated before but she just recently started. SHE said that she never did it when she was younger. Sara said she went to Cabo with one of the girls from The Girls Next Door and she started doing it then. She said that was about 2 years ago and she loves it. She didn’t think it would work but it did for her. She said she’s very sexual when she’s in a relationship and she is able to orgasm more now that she’s started masturbating. She said she had thought about it in the past but she lived a sheltered life and she never really spoke about it. She didn’t know it was normal to do that stuff.

Sara said she had her first orgasm at 11 or 12 while doing one of those Ab Roller things. She said she was in the living room doing it and she got shivery from tightening her stomach muscles. She said she looks back on it now and realized what it was.

Howard gave Sara some plugs for this Blackbelt TV and said that we get to look at her and then get to see people kicking the shit out of each other. He said that she got her implants after her playboy shoot. She said she just got them 6 months ago. She said that she’d like to do another shoot for Playboy. Howard said her boobs were really nice too. He felt bad that she got implants. She didn’t like the way they were before. She said they’re great now. She said she’s a C-cup now. She asked for a B but they gave her a C. Howard said guys don’t even care that much about big boobs. He said that it’s the women who care.

Howard said he’s a vagina man. Sara said that she gets more attention now that she got the implants. He asked if she still has sensation in her nips. She said she does and they still feel great. She was worried about that though. She said she went to the guy that the girls at Playboy suggested and he does great work.

A caller asked Sara what she did with Ryan in those two years she was with him. He wondered if she ever felt a boner with him or anything. She said she didn’t. She said that they were always standing up and never laying down so she never felt anything.

Howard asked Sarah to stand up and model for them. She wasn’t showing any camel toe so Howard asked how she avoid that. She wasn’t doing anything special. She said she just doesn’t have that. He got her to show some of her panties when he said there was no way she could have panties on under her jeans. Artie said he didn’t believe it was a thong as he was trying to get her to show that.

Howard said he just doesn’t get the whole Ryan Seacrest thing. She didn’t seem to think it was that big of a deal.

A caller asked her what happened on Deal or No Deal. She said that she was never on there but there is someone who looks like her on the show. Howard wrapped up with her after that. Howard said it was fun seeing her panties and all of that. Howard asked if she’s uptight about showing her breasts to anyone. She said she has only shown them to her boyfriend so far. Howard asked if she wanted to show them to them. She said she didn’t. She said maybe next time. She said that her boyfriend, Jeff Die, is the only one who has seen them so far. Howard said that’s hard to believe.

Artie said that he might be able to help Jeff’s career if she shows her breasts. Howard said he would let Jeff come on the show if she did that. Sara said that she thinks that he’d prefer that she not do it. Howard said he wouldn’t care. Howard told her to come back tomorrow after thinking about it. They had to go to break after that.

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