A Date with Octomom: Start the Bidding on WhatsYourPrice.com

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from www.slate.com – Octomom has stripped, begged, and even made porn for money, and now, she’ll go on a date—for some serious cash.

Octomom Nadya Suleman posted this ad on date auction site www.WhatsYourPrice.com, and set an opening bid of $500 to take her out.

But suitors shouldn’t expect to get lucky. The mother of 14 claims that though she’s full of energy and enjoys working out, she’s been celibate for 14 years. For a perfect date, you can take her to “do something athletic” and then go to dinner together.

Suleman’s latest get-rich-quick scheme is in hopes of raising $150,000 to buy a new home for her very large family, as her last home was foreclosed on.

Octomom has raised only about $2,600 so far … which is why this potential date absolutely refuses to go Dutch.

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