A Letter To Mike Gatto: AB 332 Would Spawn Criminal Elements

This was sent to Mike Gatto by one of my readers:

Hon. Mike Gatto – Assemblymember
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249

Re: AB-332 Hon. Isadore Hall

Dear Assemblymember Gatto:

I am writing to respectfully request the Appropriations Committee to reject AB-332 because it simply cannot do what the Aids Healthcare Foundation claims. Here are the adverse consequences that the public and government agencies can expect at the minimum, if AB-332 were to become law:

• It will spawn an entirely new, and by definition, illegal adult entertainment enterprise with entirely new players, most likely from the criminal elements of society.

• It will provide lucrative financial opportunities for these illegal enterprises to expand their underground activities in order to manufacture and supply what will become an even greater insatiable consumer demand for condom-free adult entertainment.

• There will be absolutely no safeguards because these enterprises will not be able or even willing to follow any testing protocols.

• Therefore, these illegal enterprises will only be able to recruit untested and high risk performers from off the streets and conduct their illegal activities in high risk health environments, most likely in areas with already high crime rates.

• The financial impacts for enforcement (if even possible), highly probable lawsuits and medical costs to provide care for high risk and untested performers who contract Sexually Transmitted Diseases and spread them to the public at large, will increase to extraordinarily high and possibly intolerable levels.

In closing, I expect proponents of AB-332 to dispute or deny the above. However, their arguments will be inconclusive at best. On the other hand, if you permit condom-free adult entertainment to remain legal, you will indisputably prevent these problems. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Respectfully Submitted…

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