A Mainstream Writer Voices Her Appreciation of Manuel Ferrara

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Amelia McDonell-Parry writes on www.thefrisky.com – I am a gal who enjoys watching porn. I have since I was a teen and used to put my ear up to the television speaker, volume real low so my parents couldn’t hear, listening to the moans and groans coming from the picture garbled Spice Channel.

Nowadays, I get my porn for free online; I’m usually pretty whatever about what I watch — I click around until I find something that strikes me as hot (the actors or “real people” seem genuine, there isn’t a lot of annoying storyline, etc.) and hunker down for 5-10 minutes of self-lovin’. Until recently, I hadn’t really understood the notion of having a favorite porn star.

With so many porn videos available on the web, how do you even keep track of who’s who? And, really, porn stars have never struck me as particularly compelling, especially the male stars, many of whom are really, really unattractive, their only attributes being, well, you know.

That is, however, until I came across Manuel Ferrara.

Last night, I was clicking around on TotallyNSFW.com, my fave free porn site (I think it’s decently curated, unlike the free-for-all that is XTube, for example), and came across a random threesome video. The women in it were kind of whatever (weird ’80s bondage gear? No thanks), but the guy in the video caught my attention.

I recognized him. Oh HIM. I like him. It was the first time I recognized a porn star by face alone rather than by a famous name (James Deen, Jenna Jameson, Sasha Grey, etc.) and had such an immediate positive response. His name was Manuel Ferrara.

I had seen this guy in a few videos before, during various absentminded porn-watching sessions, and always came (heh) away thinking he was a blast (heh, again) to watch. He was good-looking. He had an accent that was hard to place, but still, an accent. He was always really, really intense in his scenes, and at least seemed genuinely into the sex he was having and the women he was fucking.

He always made intense eye contact, passionate kissing happened throughout the entire scene, and he and the women didn’t seem to be working. Like they wanted to be fucking each other and the cameras just happened to be there.

In an age where so much in porn is either incredibly staged or badly shot “amateur” crap, this is kind of hard to come by. Oh and did I mention that Manuel’s sex partners always get off? Whether they’re “acting” for the scene or not (and my hunch is that they usually aren’t), the fact that their orgasm is given tons of attention is major — many adult films these days only consider the man’s “money shot.”

After spending a little bit of sexytime alone with Manuel, I got to researching this new crush of mine. That accent, which was hard to make out from just listening to his incredibly hot dirty talk, is actually French — the 37-year-old Scorpio was born there. And it turns out that a lot of women are obsessed with Manuel – he’s one of the most popular male porn stars working today (second only, perhaps, to James Deen).

He’s also the four-time winner (a record!) of AVN’s Male Performer of the Year Award. And, in a somewhat informal poll, four out of five female porn stars said that they had the best sex with him. And he’s worked with a lot of them — in his 10 year career, he’s done nearly 1100 films (oh so many more for me to watch). Manuel says that the way he fucks on camera is the way he fucks on real life, so it’s no wonder that his scenes seem raw and unscripted. He also has a reputation for being incredibly respectful of women and their pleasure. Hot.

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