A Must Read: Newzbreaker Interviews Steven St. Croix; Oh Brother Do We Ever Agree With Him

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This has got to be the most honest interview I’ve ever read from someone in the business.

“Bad” Brad Berkwitt posts on www.newzbreaker.com –

“They won’t watch a show with an adult star if they can go on the internet and watch that same person getting railed in a KINk.com scene that would make an Al-Queda member say, ‘Damn, that’s some fucked up shit, there.’” – Steven St. Croix

When I was approached about doing an interview with Hall of Fame Adult Movie Actor Steven St. Croix, I had always heard that he was very outspoken which as of late, shows in his videos and Tweets against Measure B.

What I found out when the tape rolled, he was without question, outspoken, but also someone that who wasn’t going to take any bullshit and could take that stance, while being very articulate about it. In addition, he’s a “brother in boxing” who also loves the sport. Award winning Writer/Director, Jacky St. James, rang in with her views of Steven.

“Steven is a rare gem of a person – and someone I can definitively say I wish I could work with on every project. He has been a continual creative inspiration to me and is one of the most talented people in and out of the business. He sets the bar very high in creativity, professionalism, and intellect. He is a true artist and one of the people I respect most in the industry. I am privileged to call him a dear friend.” – Writer and Director, Jacky St. James

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Steven St. Croix…

NB: Let’s catch the NewzBreaker readers up on what projects you are currently working on?

(Big laugh) Projects? You’re insinuating that some thought goes into making porn! Seriously, the word ‘projects’ makes it seem like we are shooting for weeks on end. The reality is these titles are done in 2 or 3 days. As far as big projects go, I did wrap up on the new “Behind the Green Door,” directed by the David Lynch of adult films, Mr. Paul Thomas. And I’m working on a porn screen adaptation of Wuthering Heights.

NB: Where did you grow up? How did this area lead you to wanting to be in the Adult Movie business?

I grew up outside Boston. Have you seen the women from Boston? Exactly! That was enough incentive to make my way to the golden fields of San Fernando Valley to find beautiful women with all their teeth to be friends with.

NB: You have been in the Adult Movie business for over 20 years. Before your career in porn, what type of work did you do?

I did the kind of work where you wake up on a Friday, get your check and when you see it, you say to yourself, “There has got to be a better way to make more money.” That’s the kind of work I did.

NB: Have you found in your personal relationships with women you have dated, that your acting in porn movies has hurt them?

No, the acting part they love! It was the part where I’m fucking the shit out of my co-stars that bothers them…and my obvious enjoyment of it.

NB: To date, have you ever acted in mainstream movies and if not, is this an area you would like to get into?

Absolutely not.

NB: Is there a film or scene you are the most proud of?

I am proud of my work in Torn which was directed by Jacky St. James for New Sensations Video. It wasn’t over the top or forced acting. Everything else I’ve done is a ridiculously vast amount of poor acting choices; but they seemed right to me at the time.

NB: What is the single honor you have had bestowed upon that you are most proud of?

Having no children.

NB: What are your words of wisdom to the young man who wants to break into the Adult Movie industry?

Wait…. Wait until every option you have at your disposal has been exasperated, then maybe consider adult films. Otherwise, you will bar yourself from many choices you may want to make when you’re older and actually not thinking with your dick.

NB: You have been very vocal against “Measure B” to include shooting that can be seen on Youtube. What are “In Your Face” facts that you can tell the readers who may not have a clue what “Measure B” is, but would be affected by should it be passed into legislation?

It sets a precedent whereby a small group of people with no idea or contact with an industry can now dictate the personal sexual behavior between consenting adults. Next up, mandatory birth control for ‘lower class’ people. They already did that in Germany and they’re practicing it now in parts of China.

NB: Do you have a funniest moment while shooting that you still laugh about?

I remember doing a scene with Debi Diamond on a living room table top in a film called “If These Walls Could Talk” by Thomas Paine. She’s on top of me cowgirl as I lay on my back. Getting ready to do the pop and out comes a fart so loud, it sounds like a tree breaking and falling in the forest. Just a long, slow, methodical exhaust of air from my cheeks to the table top to the world; with two final high pitched barks each time I spasmed another squirt out of my perfectly straight cock.(Yes, there wasn’t always a curve!)

The hard part was keeping a straight face while I heard the crew grasping for anything to hold themselves up so they wouldn’t collapse in laughter. After, for about five seconds; you could hear a pin drop, until Debi looked down at me and said, “Feel better, Phil?” Which I thought was hysterical because my name is not Phil.

NB: If you could have any mainstream actress as your leading lady in a porn movie, who would it be and why?

It would be Charlize Theron, Megan Fox, Jennifer Connelly, Demi Moore and Julianne Moore, because they must be really, really interesting to talk to.

NB: Is it true that when you signed on with Vivid Video in 1996 that the President (Steve Hirsch) took out a one million dollar insurance policy on your penis, citing you may get into a motorcycle accident?

It is true. There was a concern that if I was in an accident, there could be the possibility that my ‘package’ could be severed. Of course, if that happened, I would have been the first male and eunuch to have a contract in the business.

NB: Who do you feel is the one Adult Movie Star that has moved the industry forward the most and why?

No one. Everyone was aware of porn before anyone particular person was getting attention from the mainstream media for 15 minutes. Are the films overall of better quality? No. Have the profit margins gotten larger? No. Have companies been able to grow and expand the product line while raising prices? No. Are certain people in the industry, who have gotten attention at one time or another, getting roles that aren’t sex star/stripper/escort/sexual misfit based? No. Are they playing the wives, moms, work force professionals on TV and films? No.

What I’ve always despised was how the industry, as a whole practically, cums because someone gets mentioned on some TV show with such a high rate of content consumption and disposal, that there truly is no value to what they’re reporting. It’s all to get viewers for a quick minute or for ratings and then it’s the same cycle day in and day out.

The industry begs to be taken seriously from ‘mainstream’ media. The truth is this: We are mainstream. We represent what is really going on in the hearts and minds of people. We don’t need TMZ or Dateline to ‘broaden’ our audience. We need to stop bowing down to Hollywood and the media. Who gives a fuck about them? We don’t need them. We should stop giving total access to any fucking schmuck that comes along because in the end, their coverage of us has minimal impact. If it was so beneficial to us as an industry, we wouldn’t have companies closing, rates dropping, budgets being chopped and making features in 20 hour days. I believe we need to close the door. Restrict access!

Hollywood will take us seriously only to earn a quick buck. Advertisers, the ones that earn money for networks and studios, will never sign off on promoting a known adult personality on a primetime show. I’m not talking HBO, I’m talking ABC, NBC, CBS. These are the shows that bring in 30-40 million viewers, not 2 or 3 million. That’s the audience that brings in big bucks and that audience is for the most part conservative, religious and hypocrites. They won’t watch a show with an adult star if they can go on the internet and watch that same person getting railed in a KINk.com scene that would make an Al-Queda member say, “Damn, that’s some fucked up shit, there.”

NB: Do you feel if Mitt Romney gets elected that without any doubt, he will have his administration come after the Adult Movie business?

I’ve heard that trumpet blown ever since Bill Clinton was in office. First, it has nothing to do with the President. Second, it has everything to do with the lawyers in the Justice Department and who they think they can bankrupt or fine excessive amounts of money in order to basically steal money from them under the guise that this is the penalty for said crimes of obscenity, but somehow that money never finds its way into the pockets of the ‘public’ who were wronged by the transgressions of pornographers. It’s about money for law firms and the Justice Department. If they can convince the newly appointed Attorney General they can win cases, they get the go-ahead. If not, then their attention gets turned to domestic counter-terrorism and cyber-terrorism cases or financial cyber attacks from various enemies of the state.

Going after the adult business means going after big corporations who earn profits from delivering adult content to the masses via satellite, cable, wireless phone, the internet, and etcetera.

NB: Over the years I have interviewed many performers from the Adult Movie Industry and I am always amazed that your industry unlike the mainstream, has any Union or retirement such as AFTRA or SAG. With all the money the Adult Industry makes, why do you think there is nothing in place for performers? With that said, do you back some type of retirement with medical and dental benefits for adult performers?

Getting talent together is a bit like herding kittens into a box. Ever tried that? One goes in, two get out, the next thing you know, they’re climbing up your back on the new sweater from Banana Republic…it’s crazy. The reason, I believe, is that everyone has their own reasons for getting in the business. Short term, long term, no term, planned, not planned….only certain veteran’s get their shit together and sometimes after years of mistakes.

Why would one think that an industry where there are people who can’t even drive themselves to work, appear on set on time and sober, with eight hours of sleep, file their taxes on time, keep receipts, need someone to send out emails saying “so and so is in town- if you want to hire them call us”, can get themselves together and agree on a complex system of residuals and retirement benefits when some cannot balance a check book, explain the proper management of credit or even tell you who the head of the Federal Reserve is and what the interest rate is on Treasury Bonds?

It’s too complex and the industry has a hard enough time with California tax rates as it is. People are happy living day to day, until there is a work freeze and everyone starts thinking, “Fuck, I should have saved more.”

NB: What are your thoughts on the recent stunt Mr. Marcus pulled by lying about his blood tests that were found out to be later, positive for Syphilis?

Dumb move, really dumb move….and irresponsible and disrespectful on so many levels.

NB: What is the one question to date, you have never been asked, but wish that you were?

Are UFO’S demonic holograms?

NB: The floor is yours….

I don’t believe interplanetary vehicles exist from other life forms. I believe that UFO’s are holograms projected by powerful demonic spirits. There has never been wreckage found, and to that point, to be of interplanetary origin. The thousands of reported sightings thru out man’s history points to ‘visions’ of these objects but no physical remnants that would go hand-in-hand with the physical properties we understand would be needed to make these objects fly. Demonic projection is my answer- as is the answer from ex-astronauts, physicists, engineers and presidential candidates who have ‘special’ underwear for secret meetings.

NB: Who is your favorite fighter of all-time? Why?

Muhammad Ali because he knew he was good, and backed it up. He made the lead ups to the fights entertaining without being crude. And he was the hardest hitting heavyweight ever, just ask George Foreman.

NB: In the years you have watched the sport of Boxing, what is the greatest fight you have ever seen and why?

I think the Leonard/Hagler fight is the greatest fight I saw. It was a clash of brawler and boxer. I liked Hagler and I liked Sugar Ray, but I think Sugar took that fight.

NB: Who do you feel is the best pound for pound fighter today in the MMA? Why?

For a long time, I didn’t like Anderson Silva. But watching his fights, he is an extraordinarily gifted fighter. I also like GSP. He may not be as gifted but he works so hard to get where he is today. Until these two fights, I would say that Anderson is the best P4P fighter today.

NB: If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one CD and movie you would like to have?

“Cast Away” and a CD entitled “How to Build a Boat Out of Nothing but Found Garbage”.

NB: Finally, do you have a saying you continue to live your life by?

Each night before I go to bed, I say, “I hope this baby aspirin does what it’s supposed to do.”

NewzBreaker readers check out Steve’s Official website.

If you’re looking to get your talent interviewed for NewzBreaker.com, contact “Bad” Brad at [email protected]

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