A Second Farrah Abraham Tape Coming Out with James Deen

from www.hollywoodlife.com – Despite saying several times that she would never do a sequel to her sex tape, HollywoodLife.com has exclusively learned that Farrah will be releasing a second sex tape next month, and this one will feature bondage!

Farrah Abraham‘s first sex tape was such a hit, that she is coming out with a sequel! Fellow Vivid adult star and Farrah’s friend Myla Sinanaj spoke exclusively to HollywoodLife.com, where she revealed that Farrah and porn star James Deen made a second tape that will be “leaked” later this month.

Farrah, 22, made a whopping $1 million dollars for starring in Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, and while she previously insisted she would never return to making adult movies, the lure was obviously too strong!

“Farrah is releasing a second sex tape in a month as a ‘leaked’ tape,” Myla tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “It’s boring. It has her in bondage gear, no anal, and James Deen is in it. I watched it. Vivid owns the tape, but they’re going to push it out as a leaked tape. Farrah wanted to film a second tape — a personal one — because the first one was seen by everyone. And she will pretend this second one was leaked.”

How interesting! Farrah and Myla became friends from doing public appearances, and Myla also has a sex tape coming out soon. She is recognizable because she dated Kris Humphries shortly after he and Kim Kardashian broke up.

HollywoodLife.com previously reported that Farrah had a private video of her doing dominatrix stuff with James, but that she was keeping it private. Not anymore!

“I do have my own personal video at home that I watch,” Farrah told us. “Maybe I shouldnt say this because I don’t know what is in the other video, but one of my favorite parts is when I’m doing domanatrix stuff, that’s what I personally was having fun with. It’s just for me.”

Plus, Vivid are very eager to produce a sequel!

“We would love to, we would love to work with Farrah again,” Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid Entertainment, tells us. “The video continues to do exceptionally well! She really knows how to keep herself out there. The interest is there and we would love to do another tape.”

After the sex tape came out in May of 2013, Farrah seemed extremely happy with the results and she released this statement:

I am happy with the seven-figure settlement I have reached, with who I feel to be the best adult entertainment company in the industry, Vivid. This is a risk for me to take, however I feel comfortable having given the rights to Vivid a company I know can handle the media and press surrounding my sexuality. I am very pleased with the outcome and to have this opportunity to be an entrepreneur in another unexpected light in my life. I look forward to my future goals of completing my Masters degree, focusing on being a great mother for my daughter as well as many other culinary business endeavors in my future.

However, Farrah was very adamant when she appeared on VH1′s The Gossip Table on June 13, that she was done with the adult entertainment industry.

“I’m not interested in doing adult entertainment in any way, shape or form,” she said. “I show up and I do events and appearances saying ‘thank you’ to those who bought [the tape] and do support me. I‘m very positive about the whole situation, but I am moving forward.”

She clearly had a change of heart!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Are you shocked that Farrah is releasing a second tape? Will you watch it?

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