A Stroll Down Memory Lane : Porn’s Unanswered Questions

We’re in the process of building a new channel on ROKU and I’ve been going through a lot of old video bits and stories from the past year on The Rob Black Show and AdultFYI.com.

Seeing this material again made me wonder what happened with some of these stories. A lot of the things that we’ve talked about in the past have never been resolved or have been swept under the rug. It’s amazing how many issues the adult industry has had since I’ve been on the air. In fact, March 31st will mark our one year anniversary. One year. It’s pretty fucking amazing.

We’ve come a long way from a little office in Glendale where I would sit stoned at a glass desk with my long hair and talk about whatever was on my mind. Talking about diseases, talking about the agents, talking about Steve Hirsch and Honey Boo Boo. We have a much more structured program now. Everything is broken down into segments. I actually spend a lot less time talking about porn now.

This show has really gone through a metamorphosis. In December, I stopped taking antidepressants, I stopped smoking marijuana and I started becoming healthy and more focused. It’s been quite enlightening and revealing when I’ve looked at all of these stories that we’ve told this past year and what has become of them.

So I’m gonna take a stroll down memory lane and ask about what happened with some of these issues. A lot of things were never addressed and a lot of important questions were asked and were never answered. It’s not really surprising considering the people who are in charge. All they do is lie and bullshit.

Let’s take a look at some of these stories. One top issue was Alex Gonz and Diane Duke, Christian Mann and Free Speech Coalition’s lack of response. I’ll give you a little background. There was a huge incident involving Lisa Ann, Alex Gonz, Derek Hay and FSC and PASS. Lisa Ann was set to work with Alex Gonz and she asked to see his battery of tests, from his HIV test to his gonorrhea to his hepatitis C test. The hepatitis C test was required at the time. Alex produced all of the tests except for hepatitis C. It was alleged that someone had tipped her off about Alex being positive for hepatitis C, so Lisa Ann basically outed him. He was set to work with Lisa Ann and in fact had worked with hundreds of talent the previous three years while being positive for hepatitis C. It was known in some circles.

When the story broke and the news came out about Alex, he flew the coop. Disappeared. Not once did Free Speech Coalition or Diane Duke speak on this issue. Never released a statement. Free Speech Coalition is in charge of the talent testing system and had always made statements to the press about other health matters, but did not talk about this at all.

This was covered in all of the adult news sources including AVN and XBIZ. They also covered a press conference that Derek Hay convened and appeared with Alex Gonz and said that Gonz had in fact been positive for hepatitis C during his entire career in the adult business, but he did nothing wrong because he was cleared by Cutting Edge testing and the PASS system. Ultimately, Free Speech Coalition would’ve known about it, Christian Mann and Diane Duke would’ve known about it. Derek told everybody to not be mad at Alex, don’t blame LA Direct Models and Alex Gonz left and went back into exile and hasn’t been heard from since. Just like that, Alex Gonz vanished. He came in to throw the appropriate people under the bus and let other people off the hook and he was gone.

As all of this raged on, you never heard once from Free Speech Coalition or PASS. All the questions asked by talent and everybody else in the business were never answered. It all got swept under the rug. To this day, it’s not talked about anymore. It’s a done issue. Nobody knows how many people in the business have hepatitis C. Alex Gonz worked with hundreds of women in the business and no one knows how many of them contracted the disease. The women he performed anal sex with were either very lucky or now have hepatitis C. Anal sex is a very high risk act for transmitting hepatitis, because the tissues in the anus often tear during the filming of sex scenes.

As I reread these articles, I was struck how no one to this day has been held accountable for allowing this to happen. Free Speech Coalition, PASS, Cutting Edge Testing, no one has talked about Alex Gonz exposing hundreds of adult performers to hepatitis C and no one has taken responsibility. It has all been swept under the rug.

Another thing that was brought up that no one wanted to discuss was Mr. Marcus. Mr. Marcus contracted syphilis, concealed the results of a positive test and exposed and infected several performers. Syphilis was something that had never really entered the adult business until the last couple of years, when Mr. Marcus brought it in. In all my years in the business I had never heard of anyone contracting syphilis. Christian Mann and Diane Duke came out and supported Mr. Marcus and backed his story. We were told that the outbreak was contained when in fact several girls were infected with syphilis and we produced notes from Dr. Miao of Cutting Edge to support this claim. We posted the notes on AdultFYI.com. We discussed several girls who had either abruptly retired or stopped working with male talent, most likely because they were exposed to syphilis. Many of them were from Mark Spiegler’s agency. Girls like Andy San Dimas and Kristina Rose stopped working with guys. Remy La Croix straight up retired and made an announcement that her health was more important than the adult industry and popped back up when the syphilis hysteria had died down.

There was another fellow named Clover who came down with syphilis, then he didn’t have it. He was tested by one clinic who said he did and another who said he didn’t. At the end of the day, nobody really knew for sure.

You had people actually defending Mark Spiegler and Derek Hay. Mark Spiegler had discussions with Mr. Marcus that no one ever knew about because over half of his roster were exposed by him. These agents aren’t good people, they never were good people. They’re only in it to protect themselves because deals were made with Mr. Marcus and with Alex Gonz that nobody ever knew about. It’s in their best interest to keep things under wraps to keep the hysteria down and to keep investigators away.

It’s amazing to look back at all these stories and see things that were never dealt with and were forgotten about. It was just this past weekend that Mr. Marcus hosted a party at a club at Universal CityWalk called Infusion. You look at something like that and ask yourself how can a person like this even be near the business? Yet he’s having a party and inviting talent to come down and it’s being promoted in AVN and XBIZ. It’s just sad.

These things are never discussed because it would expose too many people who control the business whose only motive is to line their pockets with money. There was another thing that we tried to get a response from the industry on and that was a convicted pedophile doing business with Free Speech Coalition whose name was Kurt Treptow aka Kurt Brackob. He ran a child porn ring out of Romania and was convicted and jailed for it. This was covered on BBC and several outlets on Romanian media and throughout Europe. He served five years of a seven year sentence for fucking kids and making child pornography.

He was outed and he was working in the adult business. He was the treasurer of the Nevada Libertarian party until they found out who he was and got rid of him. He organized a panel discussion in Las Vegas with Christian Mann, Diane Duke, Julie Meadows and Las Vegas attorney Marc Randazza. He appeared on a panel at the XBIZ 360 trade show. People from XBIZ claimed no knowledge of his past, which I found to be an extreme cop out. How they could have a man with such a past speak on their panels and not do any kind of background check for credentials and qualifications is baffling to me. A simple Google search of his name would’ve revealed his history. All of these people mentioned are educated people. I find it hard to believe that none of them thought to investigate the man they are associating with.

We talked about this for over a month. Not once did Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Marc Randazza or any of the people involved from Free Speech Coalition or XBIZ address the situation. Mike South, who is friends with Julie Meadows and does business with Marc Randazza defended their actions and said it was a chance meeting and spun it to benefit his friends. The fact that they knowingly associated and did business with a convicted pedophile was ignored and he said it was much ado about nothing.

An aide to Lamar Alexander was caught possessing child pornography and did the noble thing and killed himself. He didn’t fuck kids, he only viewed the acts. People outside this porn bubble that we live in take child fucking seriously. This aide knew that his life was over and anywhere other than in this porn bubble he would be ostracized and never forgiven. People in the adult business will forgive you. People in the adult business will say you’re a swell guy. You’re one of us. Let’s do business.

Look at Jerry Sandusky. Everybody associated with him has been ostracized. Joe Paterno will forever be known as the coach who let Sandusky fuck kids and he died in disgrace. Penn State will forever be known as the child fucking university. That’s what happens in the real world. But in the adult business Marc Randazza, Diane Duke, Christian Mann, XBIZ and others do business with a child fucker and are fine with it. They are cool with it and to this day they have never spoken about it.

Can you imagine if this was Hollywood and not the porn business? If Christian Mann was in charge of Paramount instead of Evil Angel he would be gone. In the real world, all of Marc Randazza’s clients would’ve dropped him. If he represented mainstream Hollywood stars instead on porn people and he said he didn’t know that he was doing business with a pedophile when he’s supposed to be a lawyer responsible for million dollar clients, he would’ve been kicked out of Hollywood never to return. Look at Mel Gibson. He gets drunk and talks shit about Jews and he’s done. He can’t get a job. How do you think he would’ve fared if he hung around with a child fucker?

Those are just three stories. We haven’t even talked about disease and the fact that we had four cases of HIV in five months and had the powers that be spouting off the same mantra of bullshit about no on set transmission and that the business is safe even though the agencies that they endorse and support run escort businesses that put the risk even higher than it already is.

What a year. Do you think next year will be any better? If you do, I’ve got a nice little bridge in New Jersey that you might be interested in.

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