A Very Happy Hometown Buffet Birthday to Karla Lane

OK, it’s the end of the week. What’s going on in pornoland? Do you give a fuck?

XBIZ reports that Bishop is releasing Wicked Pictures’ Just Friends. An old movie that they’re finally releasing. How do I know it’s an old movie? Because it has TJ Cummings in it. TJ Cummings has HIV. Wicked is releasing an old movie. Awesome. Next.

Aurora Snow speaking at Harvard Law School. Maybe her loser ex-boyfriend Richard Abowitz, who got her a writing job at The Daily Beast got her this gig.

The article says:

“…Snow said the opportunity came about through a friend of a friend that knows Harvard Law Professor Stoughton…”

That friend is Richard Abowitz. So there you go. Abowitz is a hipster douchebag writer for The Daily Beast who dated Aurora Snow for a short time and did the hipster douchebag save-a-ho move and got her a writing job. He’s also friends with John Stagiano and defends Stagliano’s actions very step of the way. Abowitz got her a job at The Daily Beast and now apparently this Harvard thing. The funny thing is Aurora Snow’s been out of the biz for a few years, so she’s gotta be out of touch about what’s going on now. I guess she fucked Abowitz good and now gets to speak at Harvard. Great.

What else?

Oh, my big baby Karla Lane is having her Hometown Buffet birthday bash tonight. She’s gonna be joined by male porn star Benji Strokes. I guess Benji’s gonna get in on the buffet, too. So don’t forget, ladies and gentlemen, to hook up with Karla Lane and Benji Strokes at Hometown Buffet. Don’t know who Benji Strokes is, but I guess he’s a big deal in the male performer pool. Karla is saying she’s getting really excited about her birthday party at Hometown Buffet. She can’t wait to sample all the foods, from prime rib to filet to HAM! She says ham is her favorite food on the menu. She’s looking forward to meeting her fans and says those who can’t attend can watch her cam show. Make sure you get there early, because you know how Hometown Buffet is with those fuckin lines. It’s from 9-2 AM. 18 and over. Hometown Buffet is located at 15164 Oxnard Street in Van Nuys. Get there early to avoid the long lines of all the fat cocksuckers that are there to get their eat on.

What’s going on at AVN? Same thing as XBIZ. Surprise, surprise.

Let’s round it off with everybody’s favorite hillbilly retard Mike South.

Oh my God, this guy will just stretch for anything. He hasn’t had a pertinent story on his site that he says has the only accurate reporting in the biz in weeks. He’s written about Scott Sparks, me, a week old Cosmo article and a conspiracy of state officials who are taking down records of Cal/OSHA violations of Evil Angel. I guess he still hasn’t gotten to the bottom of the stonewalling going on. I guess that’s been swept under the rug because it was another bullshit story. Since I’ve been calling him out, he can’t say anything anymore and get away with it. He survived for years writing bullshit about me when my hands were tied and couldn’t respond. Now he literally has nothing to write about.

Here’s his latest bullshit:

“There Is No Doubt That there Is AntiBiotic Resistant Gonorrhea In Porn Valley”

“I have been working this story for a long time, it’s a difficult one to work because performers don’t want their medical info to be shared. It is somewhat compounded by the different strains of antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea.”

“With the help of no fewer than 6 performers who shared their treatment info with me it is apparent that antibiotic resistent Gonorrhea is fairly common in porn.  All six were treated at CET, at least initially and all six received treatments that went way beyond the CDC recommendations”

“The regimen used included at least 4 different drugs, which is indicative of the treatment of an antibiotic resistant strain. It should be noted that we are NOT talking about the H041 strain that in Asia is called “Super Gonorrhea”

So this gonorrhea is not the gonorrhea that he called Super Gonorrhea. Remember, he did a story about super gonorrhea infecting numerous performers. But this isn’t that. This is gonorrhea plus. What a story this jerkoff’s got.

“But the fears that H041 will show up in the USA are quite real. Gonorrhea is one of the most drug resistant organisms ever and it is constantly becoming more and more resistant.”

“Most performers have no idea which strain they have, they just know they had Gonorrhea and CET or whomever treated it…”

So his big information that these performers shared with him is he doesn’t know who treated it. If he had this info that 6 performers gave him that only he is privy to, wouldn’t he know who treated them? Are you people too naive not to see through this bullshit? He says the performers told him all this information, but he says that “CET or whomever” treated them. He contradicts himself. If you go to his message board, nobody’s calling him out on it. Because they’re all shills or they’re him pretending to be one of his own posters. He doesn’t know who treated the performers.

“One thing that stuck in my mind was that in every case the performers volunteered that they had felt pressured by CET to get the treatment there.”

“CET wouldn’t comment on this story but someone close told me that to think that antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea wasn’t fairly common in adult circles is “incredibly naive”

“Someone” told him. Who? Scott Sparks? Or some scabby girl who works with Scott Sparks?

“If you are a performer I would suggest that when you do get an STD you understand the treatment you are given and why.  Knowledge is power and you should have all the knowledge and power you need to make the decisions about your lives.”

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. When we reported that Mr. Marcus infected several actresses with syphilis when the industry said he didn’t, we produced paperwork from Dr Miao and Cutting Edge Testing to show that this was the case. We redacted the name on the paperwork to maintain the privacy of this individual.

If Mike South has this information from performers who were infected and treated with this special strain of gonorrhea, couldn’t he do the same and produce the evidence of this claim with the names blacked out? Or are we supposed to take him at his word? Because he’s a guy from Georgia who’s been so accurate with everything he’s reported?

During the 50 man anal gang bang controversy, he posted a picture of the participants and misidentified one of them as Xander Corvus. When Sofia Delgado was infected with HIV, he posted a hooker ad with a picture of a 50 year old woman with the same name to prove that she was escorting after her diagnosis.

But now, we’re supposed to take everything he says about this as fact without any evidence to back it up. Just his word. Remember, he also reported about super gonorrhea a couple of months ago during the height of the Kurt Treptow/Brackob pedophile story that we were reporting on which implicated his friend and advertiser Marc Randazza. He never talked about it again. It was obviously a ham handed attempt to deflect attention from our story. It was bullshit and everybody with a brain knew it.

Now he’s talking about a whole other strain of gonorrhea that he claims to have evidence and performer statements on. But he can’t show any of this paperwork, because apparently they don’t sell White Out or black magic markers in the backwoods of Georgia. You just have to take his word for it, because he’s so factually correct on everything.

The people who go to his site are so stupid and naive that they don’t question any of this. This just shows how incredibly stupid people in this business are. I’m surprised any of you can feed and clothe yourselves.

Can you imagine if I told everybody that there was a form of sexual leprosy going around the business and several performers had limbs falling off and I had a rotting thumb on my desk, but I couldn’t show it to anybody and that you’re just gonna have to take my word that it was true? What do you think would happen?

But that’s something that wouldn’t happen because if I didn’t have the evidence to back up my sexual leprosy claim that I was prepared to show to prove it, I wouldn’t post it. Yet, you take the word of this hillbilly moron on blind faith. Unbelievable.

I really didn’t think that you were all that ignorant. But apparently you guys are. It’s a shame that you can’t get past the fact that I call you names, when everything I tell you is the truth with the facts to back it up. It’s a shame that you allow yourself to be bullshitted by a man who has proven time and again that he is nothing but a fraud and a shill. Or you accept bullshit and lies from AVN and XBIZ. Why? Because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

It’s amazing that this country is even as successful as it is with people like you living in it and participating. If our country was filled with people like those who post on Mike South’s message board, we really would be living in a third world country.

There’s your porn news, jerkoffs. Have a good weekend.

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