Accomplished Broker Kicked Out Of Her Job For Posing For Playboy

This crafty chick knew exactly what she was doing.

from – Yet another woman was forced to leave a job for her private lifestyle, arguably for posing in Playboy. Her name is Georgia Anderson, the Italian law school graduate currently residing in Los Angeles. In the Playboy world she was one of the beauties featured in the May 2009 issue in the exclusive pictorial: Women of Wall Street.

In her professional life, Georgia became a successful series 3 financial broker; has just published her first book: Technical Analysis for Daytrading of Forex & Futures; that is distributed by Amazon; and, pre-launched her new venture – the Facebook style financial network via her new website

Clearly, Georgia had become a threat to the established and structured financial world which simply could not tolerate the prospect of an attractive yet competent female who is not afraid to display her sexuality.

After posing for Playboy, Georgia had no choice but to leave her job as a Forex and Futures broker despite being one of the top performers in her firm and the quickest to earn her license even though English is her second language. Regardless of her qualifications, she was encouraged to sever all professional ties in the financial world once the Playboy issue hit the newsstands.

Instead of caving in and to reclaim her professional stature, Georgia took the challenge to the next level and decided to start her own business using her lifetime savings. She quietly embarked on an innovative approach of making an interactive financial network within a fully-functional social networking website where participants can reveal investing ideas, concepts and plans with financial gurus or just hang out, share photos, videos and blog posts.

Concurrently, Georgia finished publishing of her first financial book about the same specialty trading markets she was forced to leave. In effortless, easy to understand language she reveals the basics as well as few tricks of trading in Forex and Futures for those who are new to investing thus eliminating intimidations of sophisticated writing styles of traditional financial books.

One might suspect that Georgia is motivated by vengeance, but the opposite is actually true. She works enormously hard to prove that anybody could succeed as long as the performance becomes a decisive factor. She defies her conservative contemporaries and proudly utilizes her primary assets – beauty & brain – as the perfect weapons to challenge the established – power & beast – mentality of the financial world. The ultimate goal according to Georgia is to shake up the hierarchical structure of today’s financial world and ultimately “…to accept us, sexy and feminine women as equally fundamental players in this field.”

With her Playboy debut, a new book, and just launched financial network; this Italian born beauty with a law degree from the prestigious University of Pisa seems to have it all! How far will she go to prove her point?

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