According to a Story Two Weeks Ago Jenna Presley Found God; In This Story She’s Still finding Him

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from – Jenna Presley, whose real name is Brittni, retired from the porn industry after having welcomed Jesus Christ as her Savior. The former porn star had formed a key friendship with Rachel Collins, a member of the XXXChurch organization, that helped her come to know the love of God while she was involved in pornography.

Brittni started in the industry when she was in college, and made hundreds of adult films in her seven-year career. She says she initially consented to the work because she felt loved by producers and agents who told her that she was beautiful, that she would be a star.

During her time in the adult industry, Brittni felt “robotic” and “emotionless” because of what she was doing, and attempted suicide several times. “I felt so hopeless and so empty inside that I turned to drugs to numb my pain, to get me through,” she said in an interview with Collins.

The woman who had been involved with prostitution, stripping, and adult films for years is now a new creation in Christ. Brittni had found that her desire to be loved was not being fulfilled by the fame that porn brought her.

“It’s not worth it,” she says she would tell other women involved in the industry, “I would give it all back.” She is very thankful to have met Collins and the XXXChurch organization, which helped point her to the love that Jesus has for her. “I never felt love in my life, and was looking for it in all the wrong places,” says Brittni, “I have finally encountered the unconditional love of God, and I will never go back.”

XXXChurch is an organization that seeks to help those involved in the porn industry find Jesus Christ. Collins says that the organization’s goal is to bring “these amazing women the knowledge that somebody cares and loves them.” They attend porn conventions and bring women little things like coffee and Bibles in the hopes that they can form loving relationships with them and point them to the Author of True Love.

“We are confident there is a full life available to everyone, so we stand against the accepted norms about sexual behaviors and pornography knowing that hope, healing, and true satisfaction are within reach for all [of] us,” says the organization’s website.

XXXChurch also helps men and women recover from addictions to pornography, and raises awareness about the damaging effects of porn in peoples’ lives.

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