Ace Ticket Worldwide Scalping in a Big Way

BOSTON – Tickets for this weekend’s Yankees-Red Sox series are going for up to $1,000 apiece on the Internet. Now Ace Ticket Worldwide faces a class-action complaint in Norfolk County Court, accusing it of mass scalping.

Ace charged the named plaintiff $375 a ticket for the Saturday game at Fenway Park – $750 for two tickets whose face value was $40 apiece – plus a $55 “handling charge.” The handling charge was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Ace, which bills itself as one of the nation’s largest ticket resellers, included “important information” with the tickets: “(Y)our tickets are part of a season ticket holder’s package. If you are asked where the tickets came from, please say they were a gift or that someone gave them to you.”

Plaintiffs say Ace is violating Massachusetts anti-scalping law. Represented by Gilman and Pastor of Boston, they seek punitive damages.

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