Adam Glasser [Seymore Butts] writes new sex guide: ‘Rock Her World’

from – Adam Glasser the star of Showtime hit series “Family Business”, which aired for 4 seasons, has just written a new book titled “Rock Her World.”

Glasser was a special guest judge at the Exotic Erotic Ball this past weekend and read from his new book at the Expo. He describes “Rock Her World” as a hybird “Sex Guide” slash “Memoir.” The book took 18 months from start to finish to write and concentrates on five areas sexual performance, health, exploration, fitness, and satisfaction.

Generally, mainstream sex therapist, PhD’s, Doctors, and other professionals write most sex guides. Glasser is none of the above. On the contrary, Glasser is a practitioner on the frontline of the adult industry. His book is a mirror of real experiences and guide for personal sexual enhancement and performance. Glasser definitely understands sexually; he has been in the adult entertainment industry for the last 19 years and no stranger to publishing. According to his web site “Adam has produced and directed over 100 adult movies. His movies are distributed in over 20 different countries throughout the world including Canada, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, The UK, Australia and New Zealand.”

In a recent interview with Glasser he talked in-depth about his book, television show, and his passion for his teaching others about the adult industry. Here is a little known fact; Glasser once spoke at the prestigious Wharton School of Business to a group of students about the adult industry. When asked how the students responded Glasser said that “they asked really good questions.”

In addition, he has spoke at the Learning Annex and been featured by US News & World Report Magazine, Playboy Magazine, and appeared on The Conan O’Brien Show on NBC

Glasser explained that main purpose of the book is to sexually educate his readers and fans. He weaved his own personal experiences into the topics through the use of funny, serious, and flowery descriptive sexual encounters. Although the book was written for men Glasser did mentioned that “Rock Her World” also appeals to women as well. On his television show Glasser portrays a single father raising a young son while running his adult entertainment company “Seymore Butts” along with his mother and cousin a.k.a “Cousin Stevie.”

Reality shows can come off somewhat fluffy, Hollywood or unrealistic in many cases but not Glasser. His on screen character was self-conscience, caring, and family like. There was little difference between him and the character on screen. Glasser seemed to care about his work, fans, and sincere about wanting to help people better understand their sexuality just as he did on his TV show.

If anyone is going to bring an interesting prospective to a sex guide Glasser is going to be a sure bet. “Rock Her World” is due to be released in early November of this year.

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