Add Frank Koretsky to the List Of Rob Black Scalps; *See The Hilarious Clip

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Not that he has much scalp left, but add Frank Koretsky to the list of scalps Rob Black’s taken in recent weeks.

Black on his Friday show, tipped off his viewers to a webpage featuring IVD owner Frank Koretsky consorting with celebrities and living the dream. The page has since been taken down.

* But this is what Black had to say as he mused over the photos:

“Frank Koretsky, I’ve known you since I was 18 years old, and I’m almost 40,” Black says.

“I know you don’t like to be in the public eye. Well guess what, Wizard, you, my friend, are famous. I know when I tell you the link they’re going to pull it down [and Koretsky did] because it’s pretty fucking hilarious.

“He’s got a link with all these pretentious pictures with all these famous people. And it’s pretentious shots. It’s like, hey, I’m a billionaire and I’m going to fuck with people for $700 so I can have a private jet.”

Black in the YouTube clip shows photos of Koretsky’s private jet along with mansions, Ferraris and Lamborgninis.

“He’s shaking everybody down,” continued Black.

“While you do a movie for him he takes that movie and comps it up 17 ways. Yeah and then he tries to take $100 because he’s a visionary and a philanthropist. He’s an entrepreneur. He robs from 99% of the people and he steals from the people and makes them homeless. He gropes peoples’ wives. I could go down a funny list

“I love it. These are the best fucking pictures. He’s got pictures with the Blatt brother [Jon and Tod]. He’s got pictures with, oh my God, just awesome people.

“He’s got pictures with people that are police officers now. It just shows you the pretentious arrogance of somebody who’s like this. And it’s like I’m going to do this and then I’m going to try and take $700 from you and your wife [Koretsky pulled a VOD deal out from under Black this past week] so you can’t pay your bills.

“He’s got pictures of him taking a picture of a media badge of the World Series. Frank Koretsky- field pass- it’s him taking a picture of the field pass. It’s what a 20 year old porn girl does after she just blew a rock member and she wants to show the guy’s fucking pass. It’s like a porn girl with a Whitesnake pass and she’s like Whitesnake concert backstage, means I blew him.”

“I love it.” Black also commented on various pictures Koretsky had posted from Geno’s steaks in Philly.

“Oooooh… Frank Koretsky with Amy Fisher and Lou…[Fisher’s husband]”

From Black’s little show & tell we also learn that one of Koretsky’s passions is clocks and watches. We’re also made aware that Koretsky has a passion for alcohol, coke [allegedly] and hookers and that he’s being sued by former employee Mike Savage and former business associate John Cornetta.

“I think two of these guys are in bitter lawsuits with this fucking douchebag [Koretsky],” Black points out.

“And yet Frank will walk around and tell everybody I’m shady, that I’m a bad person. Don’t do business with me. Every picture this asshole’s got everybody’s suing him and I’m a bad guy. And this guy takes $762 from my wife. Frank, you’re a real fucking winner, man.”

“And the first picture of him on the page is with Al Pacino, Hoo-ah. Hoo-ah. My name is Frank Koretsky, and I’m a pretentious asshole. Hoo-ah.”

“I look at this scumbag and my skin crawls. This piece of human fucking garbage.”

“When you’re trying to get your money from Richard Gallo and he hits you for 20% make sure you look at these pictures and the private airplane.

“While you’re trying to get the money that is rightfully yours, Richard Gallo tells you you gotta take 20% off the bill. While you’re trying to collect your money from this scumbag wizard, this piece of human garbage, while you’re trying to pay your fucking bills, this asshole is on his private jet and he’s on the Phillies’ field telling you fuck you I got your money and I’m on my private jet, fuck you!”

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