Adult Cyber Mart Sneak Peek: Hard To Believe: Christie Stevens- “I Wasn’t Popular; The Boys Weren’t Chasing Me’

Christie Stevens was a recent guest on LA Talk Radio with host Sam Hasson. Stifling some yawns, Stevens explained that she was a night owl.

“I just fall asleep late. Sometimes I have a really early shoot with an 8 am call time; sometimes call times you have to be there 1 PM. It depends.”

Stevens pointed out that, being the nature of the porn business, girls cancel at the last minute and if you’re on top of it and available, you get your breaks.

A California girl, Stevens, 26, was born in Mission Viejo and grew up in Temecula. Stevens said she had a really good childhood. She began dancing in college, and her parents knew about that but talk little about her present career.

“They just want to know that I’m safe and I’m happy,” she said.

“I think they’re proud of me and that I’m responsible and paying for everything myself.”

Stevens explained that she wasn’t popular in high school.

“I was a straight A student, naive and I didn’t party. I was a good girl. And then my senior of high school after I got accepted to college I let go a little bit. And I was a late bloomer too. I didn’t develop until I was a senior. I felt left out. I had friends, but I wasn’t popular. The boys weren’t chasing me.”

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