Adult Cybermart Sneak Peek: Amber Lynn Urges Vote “No” on Measure B

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The topic on James Bartholet’s show on LA Talk Radio Wednesday night was Measure B. Bartholet’s guests were Sinn Sage and Amber Lynn.

Bartholet also urged his audience to go to where the industry is now soliciting funds to get the message on Proposition B to the voters.

“Never underestimate the stupidity of voters- people will always vote against their self-interests. The Measure will probably pass, unfortunately. People will do it. You’ve got to be prepared for the worst,” said a caller-in from Florida.

Sinn Sage said the fear of God and the loss of jobs was certainly put in her head as a result of Wednesday’s meeting at The Sportsmen’s Lodge.
“Measure B is a bunch of bullshit, and that’s the message we need to take to the public,” added Lynn who’s been in the business since 1982.

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