Adult Cybermart Sneak Peek: Attorney Michael Fattorosi Guests with Jayden James and Jayden Cole

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Jayden James and Jayden Cole have a show on The Toad Hop Network called Sex Squad. According to the show’s description they give listeners an inside look at the adult film industry, invite their girl friends in to discuss the latest adult news, their experiences on various movie sets and share stories from feature dancing at strip clubs all across the country.

They also touch on the subject of their various entrepreneurial adventures, and interact live with the listeners to answer any questions they may have about sex, porn, or any other aspect of their lives. Nothing is off limits with these witty beauties.

Tuesday night their guest was attorney Michael Fattorosi who’s been perhaps the most outspoken critic of LA’s Proposition B. Fattorosi maintains a blog, in which he offers daily updates about legal issues affecting the adult entertainment industry.

Prop B, as you might imagine, was the subject of the show.

“You need to vote ‘No’ on B,” Fattorosi kept stressing.

“You cannot negotiate with terrorists, and that’s what we’re dealing with.”

Fattorosi has been an attorney for 16 years and in adult for eight. He’s often asked how he was drawn into the business.

Fattorosi, while he was still in law school, met a woman.

“We started hanging out and started dating. She was the grand daughter of man named Milton Luros. Milton Luros [a former illustrator turned adult-magazine publisher] is the man who founded the industry in the San Fernando Valley. He came out here in the Fifties and started up several mens magazines starting off with nudist colony magazines.”

Luros who brought the Kama Sutra into the US, was involved in three major US Supreme Court cases.

Fattorosi would go to Luros’ house for family dinners.

“It was cool because being a new law student you’re really into the law and you’re fascinated by anything legal. We would just sit around and talk about the industry and the laws in the industry and how he fought these cases and got arrested. It really got my interest up. I never really thought about being a porn lawyer.”

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