Adult Cybermart Sneak Peek: Conversations with Houston

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Today Houston is living high in the mountains. Back when she was an adult industry Hall of Famer, Houston was merely living high. Later she was diagnosed with skin cancer. She says she’s been five years in remission.

Among many interesting facets of her career, like the infamous prom date, she details those experiences with drugs [crystal meth] in her autobiography, “Houston Pretty Enough”.

Though she’s quick to point out that it wasn’t porn per se which led to her slide into oblivion. It was access to a lifestyle that being a world renowned porn star availed her of. [Supposedly she was making as much as $20,000 a week with strip club appearances. That’ll put temptation in your path.]

I got a chance to renew old acquaintances with her this week, and Houston related the tough going she had in getting her book published. Essentially she was told that Tera Patrick’s book was so bad, that publishing houses didn’t want to hear of another porn autobiography. Houston then decided to self-publish with the help of Fred Lincoln’s son, Charles Lupula. In all, it took her three years to complete.

Ron Jeremy, who also wrote a book, pens the forward.

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