Adult CyberMart Sneak Peek: LA Talk Radio Talks to Alia Janine

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Alia Janine was a recent guest of LA Talk Radio. Asked how many movies she’s been in, Janine said it was different because of the Internet that you were more likely to do “scenes” than movies, but she figures over 50 movies but over 100 scenes in her career.

“I’m from the land of milk and cheese and beer,” she states.

“I should say serial killers too because we have a lot of serial killers, unfortunately [in Wisconsin].”

Janine mentions that Jeffrey Dahmer lived there and while she never had the pleasure of meeting him, her mother used to date a guy that lived a couple of blocks away from Dahmer.

“We would have to walk past his apartment to go to the convenience store and we would see him all of the time. It was really weird.”

Janine was born and raised in Milwaukee. Show host Sam Hasson, who’s been there, remembered it being hot and humid.

“It gets obnoxiously hot there,” said Janine.

“I think the hottest it’s been when I was there was 110 degrees and the humidity you could cut the air with a knife.”

Janine has a brother who passed away some years ago so she was pretty much raised an only child.

“I was definitely a spoiled brat. If I was with my mother I basically ran the world. If I wanted something I got it. If I was with my father, he’s a military man and completely opposite, so I had to work for it.

“With my dad I learned responsibility. He basically kicked my ass. He was a sergeant in Vietnam- two tours I believe. He enlisted when he was 16 with a fake ID and they caught him when he was half way through boot camp. They made him wait until he was 17. He was really young when he went in. He’s a very strict man. He’s 6’10.”

Janine explained that her parents were never married.

“So I’m a bastard child that’s awesome,” she laughs.

“I was conceived around St. Valentine’s Day so I was made out of love, I know that.”

Janine went to a high school in the suburbs.

“I hated high school. I had a lot of fun with my friends but I hated high school. I only went to the classes I really liked and would get A’s in them. I would totally excel in those and when I went to college I got really good grades. I was studying stuff I wanted to study and that was really different.”

Janine was 15 when she first had sex.

“It was me and one of my guy-friends.”

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