Adult Cybermart Sneak Peek: Nick East on the Mr. Marcus Issue

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In another life I’d have been a baseball writer. In that parallel universe you’d have liked guys like Nick East for pre- and post game interviews.

The Easts of the world make you look good. For one thing, East, an ex adult performer, is accessible and colorfully quotable. If given a choice, I’d always op to interview a male performer. They’re far more interesting, and, if not for sexual athletes like East, there’d be no porn team.

That’s what makes this Mr. Marcus story so sad. Despite nearly 20 years of Hall of Fame credentials, Marcus will now be remembered as the Pete Rose of porn. Both men gambled and lost. In doing so, both men tarnished their legacies.

Porn may be forgiving, but will it forget the fact that Marcus has caused thousands of people a massive disruption in their lives and a serious loss of income?

In porn, unemployment for several days is tragic; however, depending on the individual circumstances, some performers are now going to be out of work until mid-November. That’s downright suicidal.

When the power company shuts off your electricity and vis-a-vis, cable and computer access, will Marcus remain the cause worth fighting for?

The subject of Marcus is a very thorny one with East who’s known him for many years. The other reason, being, East’s seen first hand the callousness porn can have for its performers. Like the time East was on a Cash Markman set.

“I’ll never forget the day,” East tells me.

“Marc Wallace was asked to ‘get in there and do Brooke Ashley in the ass.’

“I looked on in disbelief as Wallice tried to get out of doing it. And the look in his eyes as he did the act!!! He knew what he was doing.”

Ashley was later diagnosed HIV positive and all roads led back to that shoot.

East also remembers the time that he refused to do a scene for Shawn Ricks. Ricks got mad at East who was nursing an STD, and said, ‘That’s what she gets paid for! It’s the risk she takes!!!’

“I still didn’t do the scene,” East recalls.

“And I never worked for him again after that either. Of course, didn’t he end up blowing his brains out in a bathroom years later? Yeah, I thought so!”

East’s Facebook page is his pulpit on the Mr. Marcus issue..

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