Adult Cybermart Sneak Peek: Nick Manning: I Was Raised Catholic But I Practice My Faith More Like a Snake Handling Pentacostal

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Male performer Nick Manning wasn’t dropping loads so much as he was dropping bombs and colorful soundbytes this week when he had an interview with the controversial Monica Foster. Foster, who’s become a Church Lady of sorts, chatted with Manning about Jesus, religion and spirituality.

“Nick Manning is an extremely devout Christian,” Foster told her audience.

“Just because you do choose certain paths in this life- and in this case adult entertainment is what we’re focusing on- it doesn’t mean that you cannot retain faith in God and Jesus Christ.”

Foster said her chat with Manning not only gave her validation to some of her innermost thoughts, but some closure and perspective to her past, present and future.

“Not only has Nick Manning been able to break down the keys to life, but he simplifies it all.”

Besides getting all New Age [or old age depending how you look at it], Manning spoke about a lot of other things including an upcoming documentary and biography.

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