Adult DVD Renters Featured on the Tube

LOS ANGELES – Fresh off some great print press from outlets such as Details Magazine, Time Out New York and Bitch Magazine, is following it up with an appearance on Tech TV’s late night talk show “Unscrewed” with host Martin Sargent next Wednesday night!

“When Martin told the in studio audience that his next guests were in the porn business the audience erupted with cheers,” says WantedList co-founder Anh Tran. “Their programming manager said that it was the loudest reaction their audience has ever given.”

Tran and business partner Danny Ting were invited to discuss the history of WantedList, viewing trends in porn, and eventually segued into tales of porn rental stories.

“We held an in-studio contest that was basically an extension of our current Video Store Moments contest,” Tran says. “Basically, our users tell us their most embarrassing Video Store Moment when renting porn movies and the best stories win cool prizes like more porn. The in-studio guest that won told us a titillating tale of how he once had porn playing on his lap top at home while he was at law school and got busted for it in class. You’ll have to watch the show to find out how, but it was so good that we gave him a three-month membership to WantedList.”

Catch Anh Tran and Danny Ting of on Tech TV’s “Unscrewed” Wednesday, September 24th at 8pm PST! (Check your local listings for the right channel.) is the earth’s first online adult DVD rental service boasting over 8000 titles, far outweighing any brick-and-mortar store’s inventory. Customers pay a flat fee every month to have the adult DVDs of their choice mailed to them in nondescript envelopes with a return mailer attached. Postage is paid for both ways by WantedList. No late fees, no travel, and complete anonymity – it’s the next evolution of porn consumption.

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