Adult entertainer Zahra Stardust Running for Mayor of Sydney

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Australia- from – WHAT do a porn star and Tony Abbott’s sister have in common?

Both are trying to unseat popular Sydney Lord Mayor at next month’s council elections.

Adult entertainer Zahra Stardust is out to prove porn and politics can go together while Mr Abbott’s sister Christine Forster will take on her long term rival for the third time.

Ms Stardust, who ran for a senate seat at the 2010 federal election, made a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry as a “feminist porn star” but her CV also boasts experience with the UN and a long list of university degrees.

On Wednesday she told the Daily Telegraph she believed “we need a bit of pink in politics”.

Her campaign will focus on “equal access to reproduction technologies, introducing laws that don’t discriminate against groups, a comprehensive sex education curriculum and decriminalising abortion”.

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