Adult FYI Sneak Peek: Nina Hartley Trashes Her Ex; Ditch The Suitcase Pimp She Advises Young Performers

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Nina Hartley was a recent guest of the Two White Guys YouTube show. There was some choice moments in the 10 minute broadcast with host Jason Horton in which Hartley came down on her ex-husband David Hartley though she didn’t mention him by name.

According to Nina Hartley, she made her first adult video in 1984. “And I just did one last week.”

Hartley says she makes adult films because she has a strong message to bear about sexuality, i.e., of a woman being enthusiastically involved with sex.

“Hey, this is fun. After 900 movies and 1,000 scenes I still like going to work.”

Hartley said it’s been gratifying to know that she’s been able to deliver messages that help people in their personal lives after the movie’s over.

If she could go into a time machine back in 1984 Hartley would ditch the husband.

“Ditch the suitcase pimp husband, loser, no-good husband,” she advises.

“I tell every young woman don’t be in a relationship that doesn’t support you. Be smart about money. I would have told that to my younger self.

“And I would have learned more about the technical end of the business,” Hartley concedes.

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