Adult Performer Advocacy Committee : Another PAW In The Making?

There was a press release that was posted recently on XBIZ. You remember XBIZ. Their owner Alec Helmy tried to sue me for an advertising bill on a movie that was stolen from me. They are also the people who associate and do business with convicted pedophiles and child pornographers like Kurt Treptow.

The article was discussing an advocacy group for adult performers. I find it curious that a company like XBIZ would promote a group trying to establish better conditions for performers and ethical behavior amongst producers when their own their own ethics are seriously in question.

XBIZ ran a story today that was pretty goddamn amusing. The idea that any of the performers involved in this organization are going to teach up and coming porn stars anything that is safe, sane and legal is beyond pathetic.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me read you this press release. Then I will tell you who’s behind the organization and the history of these people. They don’t have two cents to rub together, they’ve leeched off the business for years. 50 plus year old women who have had to beg the industry for money for surgery are not the type of people you want to give money to or take advice from.

Here goes:

“Adult Celebs Form Committee to Teach ‘Porn 101′

“A team of adult’s leading performers has announced The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC), an organization formed to coach would-be porn stars.”

“The group’s inaugural video, “Porn 101” stars Jessica Drake, James Deen, Chanel Preston, Stoya and Nina Hartley.  A number of other stars also appear.”

“Every year, thousands of would-be stars and starlets head to Porn Valley to seek fame and fortune. And every year, those same thousands find out that work as a sexual freelancer is not as easy as it seems. There is no prep course in adult entertainment, no internships, no online tutorials. Until now,” the creators said.”

“The new video breaks down the basics of being a porn star. The stars discuss everything from personal limits and healthcare to tax preparation and testing procedures.”

“After [L.A. Condom Ordinance] Measure B was passed it became clear that the performers needed their own voice,” Hartley told the BDSM news site”

Now do you know who is? It is a website that is owned and operated by That’s Peter Acworth. Yes, the same Peter Acworth who is involved in multiple lawsuits, the most famous being Cameron Bay, a female performer who worked in a Kink production called Public Disgrace. This was the shoot where she was injured by one of the participants so badly that she ended up in the emergency room with a severely injured breast. Public Disgrace allows outside strangers to interact with the talent without having HIV tests.

It was also during this time that Cameron Bay contracted HIV. It is not been proven that the source of infection was this shoot. But all the timeline and circumstances involved in this situation points strongly to

Peter Acworth was also arrested a couple of years ago on weapons and cocaine possession charges. He discharged firearms within the headquarters of located at The Armory in San Francisco. When the police arrived, he refused to let them in and investigate, which led to another charge of obstructing justice.

This is the man and the company behind, the news site that Nina Hartley was talking to. These are some of the people involved with a performers advocacy group.

Wow. That’s the people you want to advocate for you, huh? That’s who want to get advice on porn from? What to do and what not to do. OK.

Let’s continue:

“We needed a group of performers, by performers and for performers … The business is changing greatly and performers are poised to take a greater interest and power in their own care. Adult entertainers are more likely to make a career of it than ever before, and APAC grows out of that.”

“The video, which was posted to the APAC site earlier this week, is the group’s first attempt at a major initiative. Hartley said that in the future, the group would focus on performer rights, health care and performer pride.”

“More information on APAC and the SFW video can be seen at”

What do you think of that guys? Exactly.

Wait until you see the video that The Adult Performer Advocacy Group (APAC) posted. It’s a real gem.

Before we get into it however, I want to tell about a guy named Bill Margold. He also formed a performer advocacy group. This group was known as PAW, an anocrym for Protecting Adult Welfare. PAW was an organization whose goal was to build a house, the PAW House. This would be a place where troubled porn stars could find solace from their turbulent lives in porn and they could go and be comforted by Bill Margold and he would give them a teddy bear. He would hold events at bowling alleys to raise funds for the group.

Of course, people saw through this sham and quickly figured out that the money donated to this organization was going to pay Bill Margold’s rent and hooker tabs.

When old washed up porn performers who have outlived their welcome and have nothing left to contribute and nothing to show for all their time in the business, they come up with scams. So Nina Hartley and her man/woman husband Ernest Greene, one of the original suitcase pimps, have come up with a new gimmick to grab money. They are charlatans, they are hucksters, they are snake oil salesmen.

If you got to their website at www.apac-usa you will see a mission statement. You will also see a donate button.

Now a few years ago, some of you might remember Nina Hartley had to have a huge cyst removed from an area below her belly. If you watch movies before she had the surgery you can see the thing protruding from her gut. It was hideous. I had booked my cousin Mark Zane to work with her in a MILF scene when I was shooting for Exquisite. He thought she was pregnant. He was none to happy to be working with her, to stay the least.

Nobody was sure what it was and nobody really wanted to ask her. It was kinda like that old Saturday Night Live skit “It’s Pat” where nobody’s sure if it’s a man or a woman. Nina is kinda old, so for her to be pregnant would’ve been strange. But, how do you explain this huge basketball coming out from just above her cunt?

So I’m trying to get out of her why and how she’s pregnant. I’m talking to her while she’s getting her makeup on, she’s asking about my dad and my uncle because she worked in a movie for them like 25 years ago. It’s hard to understand her because of her speech impediment. She’s got saliva and shit flying out of both sides of her mouth while she talks. She talks about Ernest Greene and we talk about all the women he was with before Nina, like Flame and Chloe. Just making bullshit small talk while I try to figure out a way to wrangle the info out of her about her belly distention.

Then she finally says,” And I’ve been having some health issues…” And I thought, “Got it. Now I’m gonna know what’s up…” I figure she’s gonna tell me she’s pregnant and needs to have an abortion.

I go, “Health issues? What’s up?”

She lifts her skirt and says, “Well, I don’t know if you noticed…” Noticed? She looked like she swallowed three basketballs. Everyone on the set is disturbed.

“I have thish shisht.”


Thish shisht.”

Now with her lisp I can’t understand what the fuck she’s saying.



“Oh. Cyst.” Jesus Christ. Ughhh….

She goes, “Yeah, and I need to have it removed. So Ernest and I have been working like crazy trying to put the money together so I can go to the doctor.”

“No health insurance or anything like that? All these companies you’ve worked for over the years. Anyone helping you out?”


I go, “Well uh, I hope this scene helps out.” I’m thinking jeez, I remember 20 years ago interviewing her for this college radio show I was doing and now it’s like I’m talking to my mother. Except my mom’s not getting ready to get fucked by my cousin.

So when Nina finally got the cyst removed a few months later, she of course didn’t have two cents to rub together and had to go online and put out press releases begging for money. She had fundraisers and had to raise money for living expenses and medical costs. Thirty years in the business and she doesn’t have enough to cover a medical procedure. Yet this woman wants to give advice and counsel to younger performers.

This woman, who didn’t have enough business acumen to save her money or the foresight to have health insurance is forming an advocacy group to advise performers about the best way to make it in the porn game.


It’s like a drunk driver who still drinks teaching a class to other drunk drivers about not drinking and driving.

Read what it says on the site:

“The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee advocates to maintain and improve safety and working conditions in the adult film industry by giving adult performers organized representation in matters that affect our health, safety, and community.”

”The mission of APAC is to provide representation for performers in the adult film industry and to protect performers’ rights to a safer and more professional work environment.”

Wow. That’s a bold statement. Especially considering that they and none of the performers involved with them do or say anything to protect their fellow performers.

Ladies and gentlemen, have you figured it out yet? This is nothing more than another version of PAW. A system set up to make money and does nothing to help anybody except the people organizing it.

“We review existing health and safety protocols, and will initiate new ones as needed. We are committed to working cohesively with all aspects of the adult entertainment industry and the public, strengthening unity between all performers, and maintaining a work environment where workers are valued, respected, and educated.”

So then you click on the donate button and it says this:

“If you would like to donate, checks can be made out to APAC or Adult Performer Advocacy Committee and mailed to 7095 Hollywood Blvd #414, Hollywood CA 90028. Wire transfers can be made to Bank Of America account 3250 2956 3261 using the routing number 026009593. For foreign transfers please use the assist code bofaus3n.”

You know what’s missing? Bitcoins. They should take bitcoins so Nina and Ernest can keep their internet on and pay their utilities and rent.

Now if you click on the education button, that’s the best part. It’s a collection of performers saying things that are beyond ridiculous and don’t apply anything they are saying to their own lives. They are some of the most irresponsible performers out there. These are the performers who are gonna look out for you.

If you watch the video, one of the things that they are advocating is working with LATATA. A real classy guy named Jon Jon is saying to go through LATATA. Do we have to go through again who LATATA is?

Derek Hay at Direct Models. Pimp. Mark Spiegler at Spieglergirls. Pimp. Chris at Foxxx Modeling. Pimp. The list goes on and on.

Derek Hay is a scumbag whoremonger who is now posted up in Vegas. He got thrown out of the Vivid building because he couldn’t pay his rent.

These are the lowlife pimps that Nina Hartley and Jon Jon and the performers in this organization are advocating that you support.

Chris at Foxxx Modeling is a fat disgusting slob who operates out of a location that looks like a crack house. He has an office in a bedroom where he send girls out for hooker gigs. The other rooms in the house are occupied by girls stacked three or four to a room. It is basically a low rent sex trafficking operation.

This is another example of the fine people associated with LATATA. This is who The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee are advocating. This is what Nina Hartley and all of the performers in this video are doing.

What Nina Hartley and these performers are doing is criminal. They are saying that young naive performers should align themselves with sex trafficking rings. They are taking donations to help support illegal prostitution rackets.

These people are lowlife pieces of shit. Do you understand that?

These scumbags should be fucked where they breathe. They are advocating and endorsing the lowest forms of garbage in the world. It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting and it’s criminal.

Now you wanna go to Mark Spiegler? This troll sends his girls out on private escorting gigs with a man by the name of Victor. This is an old rich guy who lives in Malibu who hires girls for 5 or 6 hours at a time, gets drunk and beats the living shit out of them. Skin Diamond, who is a Spiegler girl, participated in this. Brooklyn Lee, who was a Spiegler girl, participated in this.

If Spiegler wants to say I’m lying and he doesn’t do anything like that, come sue me. Spiegler, you like to sue people. Come on and sue me, you fuck.

Mark Spiegler, I fuck you where you breathe. C’mon Spiegs, you piece of shit. Try to deny anything I’m saying, you fucking troll. You won’t and you can’t because you’re a cunt and you know everything i’m saying is true.

You wanna say you don’t know anything about it? I thought you knew everything your girls were up to because you’re their mentor and you’re the greatest agent in the world?

You know what else Spiegler does? He sends his girls out on escort gigs with Hollywood big shots like Richard Nanula. They cover up the fact that it’s illegal prostitution by setting a camera on a tripod and pretending that it’s a “shoot.”

Spiegler, you’re a punk. A scummy piece of shit pimp. That’s all the fuck you are.

This is who Nina Hartley and APAC are suggesting you go to. This is who they are advocating. A bunch of sex trafficking lowlife scumbags.

This who Derek Hay is. This is who Mark Spiegler is. This is who Chris at Foxxx Modeling is.

I’m waiting for someone to rebut this. I’m waiting. You can’t. You fucking can’t.

You know who else is in this video? Xander Corvus. Xander Corver worked on that Public Disgrace shoot with Cameron Bay. He shoved his cock in her throat and cut his penis on her molars. He was bleeding all over the place, The people at Kink didn’t stop the shoot. They all took a vote and decided to continue. This same shoot is where a fan punched Cameron’s tit so hard she had to go to the hospital.

This is also a guy who got drunk one night and tweeted to me threatening to come down with his boys and beat me up because he didn’t like what I was saying about him on the air. He also got my girlfriend’s phone number and stalked her. He called her up repeatedly all night. That’s somebody in this group who is going to be helping the young talent. This is who is part of this talent advocacy association.

Xander Corvus. I’m still waiting. Come on down. I will fuck you where you breathe.

Danny Wylde is also in this video. Danny Wylde told everybody that he had to quit the business because his doctor told him that if he continued working with the performance enhancing drugs that he was using he would die. Not sure what performance enhancing drugs he’s talking about. Viagra, Cialis, Caverject? Not real sure. Yet he still cams. Don’t you have to get your dick hard for that?

Danny is also someone who works in gay films. Someone who is referred to as a “crossover” performer. Meaning, he works in gay films and then in straight movies without a condom. Now I don’t have any proof, but the story about erectile dysfunction drugs doesn’t sound very plausible. I’m thinking he might have retired due to a positive HIV diagnosis. Who knows? But a person who is that evasive about their sexual history is not someone I’d want advising young performers about safety.

Ryan Driller and Wolf Hudson are two other crossover performers who are on this video. The business says we shouldn’t wear condoms because people are responsible. The business says the danger comes from people who aren’t vigilant about their off screen behavior. That the people who bring HIV in the business are those who perform gay sex, because they say that is a higher risk. Yet you have three people in an advocacy group that are the very same people the business is talking about. Unbelievable.

I can’t believe some like Jessica Drake would associate with the people in this organization. She is like the Angelina Jolie of the business. Why would she hang out with slobs who do anal fisting, escorting and other dangerous practices? It’s unbelievable. Is she that insecure? Why would she not speak out for performer safety? Why would she not advocate safe sex in the business? She is an all condom performer who has not had a bare penis in her vagina in the business ever. Yet she aligns herself with these charlatans and con artists. Unfathomable.

You have people in this video saying that things like fisting and double penetration increase the chances of acquiring diseases by tearing sensitive tissues, yet there are performers in the video like Chanel Preston who do those very acts.

They say know the risks. If something doesn’t look or smell right to reconsider doing the scene. They say to not let anyone pressure you into doing anything you’re not comfortable with.

But it happens all the time. The girls aren’t always physically forced, but are convinced by intimidation and not letting everybody else down. It’s psychological manipulation that occurs all the time.

“C’mon, we’re almost done, honey. Are you really gonna quit now? I thought you were a professional. You’re really gonna pull this shit now? Now you or nobody else is gonna get paid. Do you really want to do that to everybody?”

“Do I have to call Derek?”

So there’s your educational video.

This organization is complete dogshit. It’s a complete and utter sham designed to raise money for people who lie to you and advocate stupidity and unsafe criminal activity. And the fact that is associated with it, a company that promotes dangerous behavior and whose owner is a gun toting, coke sniffing criminal makes it even more laughable.

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee is a joke. Is doesn’t help anybody. It only hurts those who are stupid enough to buy into their stupid, irresponsible bullshit.

Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. I will fuck you where you breathe.

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