Adult Services Site Slixa Files Infringement Lawsuit Against CityVibe

PHOENIX– Adult entertainment directory site Slixa ( has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona against California-based Vibe Media, owners of CityVibe.

Slixa alleges that Vibe Media stole the look and feel of Slixa’s innovative site, and that facing increased competition from a better looking and more user-friendly alternative, Vibe Media began using Slixa’s look as its own. Specifically, Slixa alleges CityVibe has directly copied the layout of its VIP profile pages, leading to market confusion and lost revenue for Slixa. Marc J. Randazza [pictured] of Randazza Legal Group is representing Slixa in the matter.

“Slixa’s profile pages rival those of famous centerfold-model layouts, so it’s pretty hard to miss. We had a number of customers contact us asking why CityVibe’s new VIP ads suddenly look like our profile pages,” Lee Ann Jennings, the spokesperson for Slixa, commented. “In fact, that’s how we initially discovered that Vibe Media had basically repurposed our layouts on their own site.”

“The new ‘Slixa style’ VIP ads on this competitor’s site are a direct rip-off of Slixa’s distinctive new design,” Jennings said. “From what we’ve seen, Vibe Media is attempting to mislead Internet users to believe that Slixa and CityVibe are related entities, or that Slixa, having just launched their directory, copied the style of CityVibe. This is a tremendous slight to our creative team, who has worked hard to produce a truly one-of-a-kind adult services directory.”

Slixa is seeking a court order to take down Vibe Media’s look-alike pages and to stop further infringement, demanding CityVibe cease using Slixa’s proprietary design. In addition, Slixa has demanded from CityVibe compensation for legal fees and further restitution as decided by the court. “CityVibe’s infringement warrants at least a public apology,” said Jennings.

Slixa Girls and their supporters can use the Twitter hashtag #goslixa to join or follow the conversation and find related news.

The complaint can be read at


Slixa ( launched its revolutionary entertainer directory late in 2012 and immediately shook up the adult industry with its centerfold layout entertainer profiles, clean navigation, and easy to use interface. With well-known quality entertainers flocking to create their own beautiful profiles, it’s gained tremendous momentum with this fresh approach to the standard adult directory.

While listing adult services is nothing new, Slixa provides a welcome change for upscale adult entertainers and their preferred clientele of affluent and discerning gentlemen. Rather than scrolling through sites clogged with cluttered content and third party advertising, Slixa makes it easy for people to build a personal connection with the real entertainers they admire.

Slixa’s two blogs, Late Night and Under Cover, are widely read and include well-known contributors with regularly updated Q&As, interviews and informative articles for both entertainers and the clients seeking their services.


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