AdultFYI Continues The Year in Review- BBW Has Hard Luck Story of the Year; It’s Truly Unbelievable

After my story about AVN suing XBiz first appeared, here’s what XBiz had to say: “XBIZ attorneys said that the company plans to vigorously defend itself against the charges.

“Clearly AVN is trying to tarnish XBIZ’s reputation to stem the tide of its diminishing marketshare,” XBIZ counsel said.

And there ya have it.

Historically speaking, Jenna Haze became the first female performer to win the Female Performer of the Year trophy from XRCO, AVN and XBiz in one incredible year.

“I’m so proud, so stunned, I hardly know what to say,” Haze said after the XRCO show.

“This is so awesome because it’s voted on by a group of the best adult writers in the country and I know they take their work as seriously as I take mine. I take this as a big compliment.”

Everybody’s a porn critic and one of them on a website called had this to say about director Lee Roy Meyers:

“I thought that The Munsters porn was too much, but this is a ridiculous….Whoever put up the money for this should be locked up. I don’t feel safe knowing that guy is walking the streets.”

I wonder if the guy actually saw the movie because Meyer’s spoof was right on the money.

It takes one hypocrite to know another, with the LA Times tossing the H-word in Pam Anderson’s direction for doing a Gentlemen’s Club Steakhouse Promotion considering that Pammy’s an avowed animal rights activist.

It’s one thing to have a hot teacher/coach story. It’s another to have visual evidence. The website reported on the story of Carlie Christine, a cheerleading coach at Casa Robles High School, in Sacramento, who was outed as a Playboy and internet porn pinup after she got on the bad side of a bunch of bitchy wannabe cheerleaders.

According to the story, Christine used her real name (or at least the same name she teaches under) in posing for Playboy, which made it a cinch that the entire football team would eventually stumble across the snaps, which it did. But it was when an undetermined number of girls were kicked off the cheerleading squad for skipping school their awful parents leaked the online photos to shocked school officials. Result? Christine was fired from her coaching job.

This past year Devil’s Film had a sales promotion to benefit Marilyn Chambers’ daughter McKenna. Chambers had hosted four instructional DVDs for the company during a short comeback stint in 2006. The studio in turn offered each of the titles at the discounted price and donated a dollar from each sale to McKenna.

“Marilyn is a beloved icon in this industry and was a friend to many,” said national sales manager Steve Volponi. “She and her daughter were good friends with the owners of Devil’s and their families. We’re all saddened by her passing.”

Chambers titles for Devil’s include Marilyn Chambers Guide to Dirty Dancing, Marilyn Chamber’s Guide to Masturbation, Marilyn Chambers Guide to Oral Sex, and Marilyn Chambers Guide to Anal Sex.

Chambers rose to stardom after her debut role in the Mitchell Brother’s 1972 classic Behind the Green Door. She was found dead on Easter Sunday in the mobile home where she had been living for the past several months. Chambers, whose real name was Marilyn Ann Taylor, was found dead in the 16000 block of Vasquez Canyon Road in Canyon County, said Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office. She was 56.

“She probably died of natural causes,” Winter said. Chambers appearance in “Behind the Green Door” cost the then-aspiring model and actress her job as Procter & Gamble’s Ivory Snow girl, when she appeared on a box of soap with a baby and the caption “99 & 44/100% pure.

You can check out an interview with Chambers on the old KSEX Internet show here:

With the economy being in the toilet, World Modeling announced that it was taking the XXX industry lead in enacting their own version of an economic “Stimulus Package,” temporarily eliminating the usual commissions they charge new porn actresses entering the porn business through their agency.

According to Jim South, the legendary founder and CEO of the 34 year-old agency located in suburban Sherman Oaks, California, he was taking the unprecedented step of foregoing the normal industry-wide standard fees from any new clients he represents to “do his part” to try to help “stimulate” the ailing US economy.

“This is no joke, I consider it my patriotic duty–the more money I can leave in the pockets of the models and actresses I represent, the more they’ll have to pay their bills, and spend in the local economy. As far as I’m concerned, helping adult movie stars, is helping America,” said South who runs the agency along with his son, Jim South Jr.

On daytime TV back in the day they used to have a show called Queen for a Day where they solicited hard-luck stories. This one of a BBW beats anything I’ve read for human misery.

She appeared on Great Britain’s version of American Idol. Her name is Fabia Cerra, [pictured] a size 20, and here’s her tale of woe: She was raped twice before the age of 15, beaten up by her alcoholic mother and forced to take part in a pornographic film.

To blot out the pain she began using crack cocaine to which she became addicted and later had a nervous breakdown which led to her being diagnosed with manic depression. She thought she had turned her life around but more worry was to come when she caught a flesh-eating bug during the birth of her first child Leone which nearly killed her. During her caesarean section for Leone, Fabia was diagnosed with the flesh-eating bug necrotising fasciitis and went into toxic shock three days after the birth and nearly died.

The infected area across her midriff had to be cut out leaving her with a large scar that will ensure she will never bare her middle during her striptease routines.

Add this to her resume: she suffered her first abuse aged just five when a relative forced himself on her. Four years later, aged just nine, another relative raped her. Fabia revealed that her alcoholic mother Carol regularly beat her and her sister Lorenza with a wooden stick and that she cheated on the girls’ father with numerous men.

At aged 14, Fabia was raped AGAIN by an 18-year-old at a party.

“I was physically attracted to him but I wasn’t yet ready to have sex,” Fabia recalled.

“We found ourselves in a bedroom and got into bed together, I was very nervous, in fact I was shaking all over with fear, but in spite of my reservations I still had sex with him.”

“I screamed in pain and asked him to stop but instead he put his hand over my mouth until he was satisfied. After it was over, I felt sick and dirty and went straight to the bathroom. I noticed that I was bleeding.

“He didn’t even knock on the bathroom door to see if I was all right. It never occurred to me back then that what he had done was actually rape – and also that I was a minor.”

She was so emotionally scarred by the age of 20 that she was hooked on drugs and alcohol.

In 1992, during a relationship with a junkie, she was forced take part in a porn video after he threatened her with a machete.

“I not only smoked cannabis and cocaine, but took ecstasy and drank too much alcohol. I was always high on drugs before I had sex with people in order that I couldn’t feel anything. I hated having any man touch me.”

She drifted between men and fell into an affair with a junkie who in 1992 forced her to take part in degrading porn video.

“I was scared not to do anything he told me because he had a machete in the flat and I know he would have threatened me with it if I did not cooperate with him.

“He instructed me to wear sexy underwear, to lie on the floor and touch myself while he was recording and talking dirty to me at the same time. I had to act as if I were really enjoying myself. The truth was that I felt sick to my stomach.”

According to her, the only enjoyable moment she had was a brief fling with a lesbian.

“It was something I had never done before and it was very sensual. I was so excited and really turned on,” she said.

They say love is blind, but in this case it’s also stupid. Megan McAllister is or was the fiancée, and Jerome Markoff is the grandfather of the alleged Craigslist killer, Philip Markoff.

When Megan emailed ABC News she dropped this gem of a quote: “All I have to say to you is Philip is a beautiful person inside and out and could not hurt a fly!”

Grandpa Jerome told the Boston Globe, “This is not my grandson. I know my grandson. I hate to see a rush to judgment.”

Earlier that week police did a little peek-a-boo around Philip’s apartment and found a stash of women’s panties they suspect were collected from his murder victims along with various guns, duct tape and restraints.

Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition was “prominently featured” according to XBiz, in The American Prospect magazine discussing the porn industry’s financial problems.

The piece written by Dana Goldstein, covered the usual ground including the lobbying efforts by FSC to use condoms in porn.

Duke in the interview went to equate a person’s sexual freedom with making porn:

“Protecting our freedoms and civil rights is all we ask,” she said. “When we stigmatize sex, it becomes such a driving political issue. It’s very unfortunate because it ruins something that should be wonderful and beautiful for people.”

In their attempt at hard hitting journalism, some creeps over at SF Weekly cost $46,791 in state subsidies to train their employees, thanks to one of their articles.

After the article appeared, chief operating officer Daniel Riedel had to admit that the company had been using state-subsidized multimedia training for three years to educate staffers in video shooting and editing, Photoshop, and other multimedia skills. But that ended.

“The fact we got cut off abruptly right after [a request for] those documents is unfortunate, especially with the economy the way it is and everything else that’s been going on,” Riedel said.

The stripping of’s funding raised an intriguing question: Does the state’s refusal to train porn-makers violate constitutional free-speech guarantees?

The story offers proof again- regardless of what you read about the mainstreamizing of porn, the mainstream is not your friend. I always advise porn people never talk to the mainstream press.

Another legal case involving a porn company came to the fore this year.

This battle was fought in Monmouth County, New Jersey involving a woman from the Pacific Northwest who posted comments online about the pornography industry. The question asked was this: should she have the same protections as working journalists when it comes to sorting out allegations of slander?

Shellee Hale wrote forum posts alleging security flaws at the Freehold- based Too Much Media LLC from her home computer in Washington state. Hale was sued by the company for defamation. Too Much Media, which helps online adult entertainment companies track sales, acknowledged the breach, but says no customer information was lost.

The case heard in Superior Court in Freehold may help define free speech rights on the internet, where experts say posters have long asserted First Amendment protections — regardless of what they write.

Hale, who writes four blogs sought protection as a journalist from disclosing her sources. She had been writing on internet safety for five years and contributed to such publications as the Wall Street Journal and Business Week. She also obtained her private investigator’s license in 2008, according to court papers.

Litigation like the suit against Hale may change as blogs, chat rooms and networking sites become ubiquitous.

“It’s rare, but I think it’s going to become more common as that becomes the primary way of people communicating,” said Tom Cafferty, counsel to the New Jersey Press Association.

Hale’s legal troubles began when she posted comments relating to a software security breach at the Monmouth County company on a message board frequented by those in the adult entertainment industry. She said the breach potentially could have given hackers access to names and addresses of account holders. Company officials said consumer information, including credit card numbers, was never compromised.

Company principles John Albright and Charles Berrebbi said the postings, which included allegations they had threatened Hale’s life, amounted to slander against them and their firm. They wanted Hale to reveal her sources and pay punitive damages for harming the company’s reputation.
Courts have traditionally recognized slander as spoken defamation and libel as written defamation. It was argued that the standard used in considering the case against Hale should be libel — which is much harder to prove in court than slander — because her comments were written.

In the lawsuit which was filed in Superior Court in Freehold, company attorney Joel Kreizman said Hale “has embarked on a campaign to defame and otherwise malign the plaintiffs (TMM) in those chat rooms.”

“She has seized upon and utilized the security breach as the underlying theme of her attacks, but they are made without any basis in fact and without any concern for truth,” Kreizman wrote.

Cafferty said Hale’s claim to a reporter’s protections may be dubious. He said just because Hale contributed to publications in the past doesn’t mean she necessarily was shielded for this investigation.

TMM contended Hale, as a blogger, wasn’t entitled to the protection.

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