AdultFYI Football Pool Goes Into the Playoffs

And then there were eight.

That’s how many in the AdultFYI are eligible to compete in this year’s playoffs. This surprise and upset-filled weekend saw John Gray come up with an astounding 15-1 record to qualify, while 0 & 16 Chuck moved into a contending spot with a 14-2 record. Brian Wallace also had a 14-2 record, his best ever in AdultFYI competition, but too little to late and Brian didn’t get to qualify. Winner of the pool is the one with the best overall W-L record.

[Qualifying records are based on there being 10 playoff games plus the Superbowl. Anyone within ten games of first place was deemed mathematically eligible, though one defeat in the playoff can pretty much knock a competitor out of the competition.]

Here’s how the standings look after Week #17 with Jeff Mullen and Danny from Foxxx Modeling in a dead-heat for first. Asterisks indicate those who qualify to continue:

* Danny from Foxxx Modeling, 179-77
* Jeff Mullen, 179-77
* Scott David, 178-78
* 0 & 16 Chuck, 176-80
* Gene Ross, 175-81
* Sean from Porn Legends, 173-83
* John Gray, 172-84
* Steve Seidman, 170-86
John from Adult Source Media, 166-90
Billy the Crystal, 162-94
Steve Volponi, 161-95
Dr. T.J. Eckleberg, 161-95
Karl The Birdman, 161-95
Ryan from Jerry’s Deli, 160-96
Sunset Thomas, 157-99
Brian Wallace, 155-101

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