AdultFYI Football Pool Standings after Week 10

But the big story over the weekend was Titans owner Bud Adams being fined $250,000 by the NFL for shooting the finger to the Buffalo fans. Why? Just for the helluva it because his team was pasting the Bills. If you watched the clip, Adams didn’t just flip the bird, he produced a whole aviary of obscenity. Way ta go, Bud.

Speaking of obscenity, here’s how the AdultFYI football pool standings look after week #10:

Jeff Mullen 105-39
John Gray 103-41
Danny from Foxxx Modeling 101-43
Scott David 100-44
Steve from Magnus 98-46
Mike Dickinson 96-48
Gene Ross 96-48
Steve Seidman 96-48
0 & 16 Chuck 95-49
Sunset Thomas 95-49
Sean from PornLegends 94-50
Billy The Crystal 93-51
Steve Volponi 91-53
John from AdultSourceMedia 91-53
Kickass Chris 90-54
Ryan from Jerry’s Deli 89-55
Karl The Birdman 89-55
Dr. TJ Eckleburg 89-55
Brian Wallace 88-56

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