AdultFYI Football Pool Week #11: Hines Ward Winner of the Theismann Award

There should be a Congressional investigation of both the outcomes of the Steelers- Kansas City game and the Bengals-Raiders contest. Everyone in the AdultFYI pool took it in the shorts Sunday by going with the Bengals-Steelers parlay with the beyond-belief upsets.

Great thinkers have great thoughts, and this weeks Joe Theismann quote winner goes to the Steelers Hines Ward who actually said this: “When you let a team [Kansas City] hang around like that, you give them a chance.”

In the course of better events, Steve Seidman, Danny from Foxxx Modeling and Scott David from All Media play had 13-2 records in the pool. Yours truly, Brian Wallace, John from Adult Source Media and Sean from Porn Legends were runners-up at 12-3. Tennessee is at Houston tonight.

Here’s the game results in a nutshell [from ]

at Minnesota 35, Seattle 9: An 88% completion rate? Just great, we’ll never get Brett Favre to retire now.

at Green Bay 30, San Francisco 24: Poor Aaron Rodgers. No matter what he does, he always ends up overshadowed by Brett Favre.

at Jacksonville 18, Buffalo 15: Being the interim coach of the Bills is sort of like being the principal of summer school.

at Dallas 7, Washington 6: If this had been a soccer match, everyone would use it as an example of why the sport will never catch on in the U.S.

at Detroit 38, Cleveland 37: It’s not often that you can double your win total from a year ago and still be a horrible team.

at Kansas City 27, Pittsburgh 24 (OT): If the Chiefs could keep their offense off the field more often, they’d never lose.

at New York Giants 34, Atlanta 31 (OT): Kevin Boss has two TD catches. What else do you expect in New Jersey from a guy named Boss?

New Orleans 38, at Tampa Bay 7: Has there ever been a less-noticed 10-0 team than the Saints? “Oh, the Saints are 10-0? That’s nice.”

Indianapolis 17, at Baltimore 15: Colts have become the Atlanta Braves of the NFL. They look dominant in the season but can’t win it all.

Arizona 21, at St. Louis 13: Why do the Rams have to make noise about moving back to L.A. in a season in which they are 1-9?

San Diego 32, at Denver 3: The Chargers are now officially the Dave Wottle of the NFL. Yes, a Dave Wottle reference. People over 40 will get it.

at Oakland 20, Cincinnati 17: A confused Al Davis wonders why he can’t find George Blanda after game to congratulate him on winning kick.

at New England 31, New York Jets 14: Pete Carroll calls Mark Sanchez after game, asks if he can persuade Matt Barkley to turn pro too.

Philadelphia 24, at Chicago 20: Jay Cutler fans are still demanding an apology for comparing him to Bob Avellini: I’m sorry, Mr. Avellini.

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