AdultFYI Football Pool Week #14 – Jeff Mullen Still Holding on to First

The Arizona Cardinals did not belong in the Super Bowl last year and they proved it again Monday night with seven turnovers that lead to a 24-9 defeat at the hands of San Francisco. But take heart. Arizona (8-5) can still clinch their division by winning two of its final three games and we may see them again in the playoffs. Wouldn’t that be outstanding.

Joe Theismann quote of the week goes to the Broncos’ Brandon Marshall who set a record for most receptions in a game at 21. Marshall is also quoted as saying: “I believe big players step up in big games.” Yes, he actually said that, and disciples of Theismann and Troy Aikman will recognize it as a riff on the deliriously intelligent “Great players make great plays” grab bag comment.

I was also hoping for 14 wins this weekend but will gladly settle for a 13-3 record as did Steve Volponi from Devil’s Film along with Sean from Porn Legends. To prove just how tough the competition was this week, pool leader Jeff Mullen was 12-4 and didn’t gain any ground. Also with 12-4 records were Steve Seidman, Danny from Foxxx Modeling and John from Adult Source Media.

Here’s how the standings look after 14 weeks:

1) Jeff Mullen, 149-59
2) Danny from Foxxx Modeling, 148-60
3) Scott David, 146-62
4) Gene Ross, 144-64
5) Steve Seidman, 143-65
6) 0 & 16 Chuck, 142-66
7) Sean from Porn Legends, 141-67
8) John Gray, 140-68
9) Mike Dickinson, 139-69
10) Steve Volponi, 136-72
11) John from Adult Source Media, 136-72
12) Steve from Magnus, 136-72
13) Kickass Chris, 134-74
14) Sunset Thomas, 132-76
15) Karl The Birdman, 131-77
16) Ryan from Jerry’s Deli, 131-77
17) Billy The Crystal, 130-78
18) Dr. TJ Eckleburg, 130-78
19) Brian Wallace, 129-79
20) Kickass Ben, 128-80

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