AdultFYI Football Pool Week #16: Danny from Foxxx Modeling Still in First

Notice how many NFL games have been going down to the last minute, 30 seconds and even final second? And how even more go into overtime? Seems statistically impossible, but it keeps happening week after week.

[Here’s another thought: go back to before the Sudden Death rule went into effect. You hardly ever saw a tie game.]

Such was the scenario again Monday night with the Minnesota Vikings improbably tying the game in the final moments then taking an improbable licking in overtime from the Chicago Bears who couldn’t beat Goldilocks & The Three Bears on a good day.

Not saying something stinks but something stinks, especially with that Ravens-Pittsburgh game Sunday with the head ref calling back two Baltimore touchdowns on calls that were plainly outclassed by last week’s garbage.

The fact that the Ravens didn’t protest those calls, either, tells me that Las Vegas maybe has more to say in those huddles than the QB. But it’s only an opinion with the Colts game maybe offering more validation to conspiracy theorists. I’m sure the Indianapolis fans shared the sentiments of their coach, who in the spirit of Mother Teresa, felt that his A-team needed a rest in the third quarter and thus deprived paying customers of seeing a perfect season.

Just a question but isn’t that what training camp is about? To ensure a player’s durability throughout a long season?

All of that out of the way, here’s the AdultFYI pool standings after Week #16 with Dr. T.J. Eckleberg, John from Adult Source Media and Billy the Crystal tying for best record at 11-5:

Danny from Foxxx Modeling, 168-72
Jeff Mullen from All Media Play, 167-73
Scott David from All Media Play, 165-75
Gene Ross, 164-76
0 & 16 Chuck, 162-78
Sean from Porn Legends, 161-79
Steve Seidman, 161-79
John from Adult Source Media, 157-83
John Gray, 157-83
Steve Volponi, 153-87
Billy the Crystal, 153-87
Mike Dickinson, 153-87
Dr. T.J. Eckleberg, 150-90
Karl the Birdman, 150-90
Ryan from Jerry’s Deli, 149-91
Sunset Thomas, 148-92
Kickass Ben, 146-94
Brian Wallace, 141-99

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