AdultFYI Sneak Peek: Conversations with Alia Janine

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Tall chicks are eminently cool. There’s something about them that summons both naughty impulses and thoughts of volleyball at the same time.

For sports fans that’s like having your cake and eating it, too. Speaking of which, I’m talking to Alia Janine. At 5’10” she’s my type.

Actually any woman over 5’9 with a big ass and half a brain appeals to me. Though, as far as I can tell Alia’s got a full cranium and, together, with those mammoth jugs that makes her even more desirable. Tell me, for instance, the last female with Double D’s you know who’s read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

Alia’s from Milwaukee. To which I was ready to go all Laverne and Shirley on her, instead I’m regaling her with some old Warren Spahn and Eddie Mathews baseball stories. And I was also about to entice her with a 50 year-old six pack of Schlitz still in my refrigerator, except Alia tells me she’s a Miller High Life kind of gal.

This whole condom issue is driving everyone looney tunes. Alia has taken to her blog, to express her thoughts. Otherwise, she’s been very popular on the airwaves and had just finished an interview with a New Zealand station together with attorney Michael Fattorosi when we had our chat.

When Alia told me she got into the industry to AVOID relationships is when I realized those bottles of Schlitz would probably go untapped.

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