AdultFYI Sneak Peek; Roseanne Barr: Pornography is Drugging People; Has Traci Lords on as a Guest

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Roseanne Barr had Traci Lords on as a guest to talk about the celebrated rape case in Steubenville, Ohio

Two HS football players are accused of raping a 16 year-old girl last August.

Ma’lik Richmond, 16, will stand trial next month along with Trent Mays, also 16. Both students, also players on the school’s celebrated football team, are pleading not guilty.

In her prefacing remarks, Barr talked about how porn is one means by which the masses are being drugged.

“This is a global issue and completely unacceptable,” said Lords on the issue of rape.

“I was the perfect little victim.”

Lords talked about her mother’s boyfriend molested her.

“There were so many psychological issues that I became a porn star.”

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