AEBN Adds RealTouch to Affiliate Offerings

Charlotte, NC — AEBN, the Innovator of Video on Demand, has announced the addition of RealTouch to its affiliate program, and webmasters can now promote the most innovative product available in the adult market.

Webmasters can earn money promoting RealTouch one of two ways: a $50 flat payout or rev share on both the device and the minutes. RealTouch customers buy the device, and activate it through Once the device is purchased, customers purchase minutes from the RealTouch site to view its specially encoded content, which has been chosen from among the best in AEBN’s VOD library.

The system for promoting RealTouch has been integrated into the current AEBN affiliate program, which lends its time-tested strength to the launch of the company’s newest product.

“No one else can offer a truly interactive user experience,” says Jerry Anders, AEBN Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “RealTouch is the future of how adult content will be enjoyed, and webmasters who get in early can cash in on the next big thing. RealTouch is the first hard product to provide piracy-free residual income, and it’s an amazing opportunity for adult webmasters.”

RealTouch is a relative motion haptic device that provides men with a true virtual sex experience by synchronizing its movements with the action happening onscreen. Since AEBN first announced RealTouch’s development, it has been one of the most anticipated products on the market. RealTouch has received unprecedented coverage, international and domestic, both within the industry and by mainstream media.

RealTouch is available for purchase through and sells for $199.95. For more information about the RealTouch affiliate program, visit

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