AFYI Sneak Peek: James Bartholet and Mike Kulich Hit the Airwaves Hawking Reload

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James Bartholet and porn company owner Mike Kulich were on LA Talk Radio this week. Bartholet, who has his own show on the network Wednesday nights, was talking about his many divorces while Kulich, of Monarchy Distribution, was representing a sexual enhancement product called Reload.

Bartholet whose career began in mainstream got into the adult business about nine years ago.

“There was a woman I was married to that was an adult film star, so it just went from there,” recalls Bartholet.

“I was a mainstream actor for many years in General Hospital and other television shows and movies; I was on a porn set, and they said they saw my mainstream work and asked if I might do a part.

“Of course at first I said no. But then I was looking around and thinking this is kind of fun. So it went from one to another. There’s over 150 scenes that I’ve done. I’m 53 years old. I’m happy to say that and I’m spokesmen for the Reload product.

“I use it on the set. A good friend of ours, Dick Chibbles, used it on the set the other day and it works like a charm.”

Bartholet says the effects are good for 72 hours and it normally kicks in, in 20 minutes.

“Every man’s going to be different,” he adds. “Everybody has a different body chemistry but this is a really great product.”

Except host Sam Hasson wasn’t about to turn his show into an infomercial for a dick hardener and changed the subject.

Hasson wanted to clarify that Bartholet was married to someone in the industry before he got into the industry. Bartholet said that was correct.

“You didn’t mind that she was fucking other guys?” Hasson asked.

Bartholet then brought up another woman, calling her “The Mexican Zsa Zsa Gabor”.

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