AHF: James Lee is in Error

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I received the following from the AHF: “Mr. Ross, This is a link to the entire study. www.aidshealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/OLQ201418_1.pdf

“I just read the response from James Lee and it contains several errors. AIM Healthcare was not the source of the study.

“The screening method of the participants is fully explained, and their are no first time testers, or members of the general public included in this study.

“Every participant filled out an extensive questionnaire, and was verified to have worked in the adult industry in the previous 12 months. Either Mr. Lee is being completely dishonest, or he never read the thing.

“Mr. Lee flat out says ‘the name of the clinic was not disclosed.’ This is flat out false. Then he goes on to talk about how civilians being part of the testing done at AIM.

“How can the head of the No On B campaign make these blatantly false statements, which are so easy to refute?

“I hope this clears a few things up. There’s lots of great information about this study here.”

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