Alana Evans–Out of Control

(Burbank, CA) – Wankus has such a tough gig on Hangin’ with top named porn stars, gettin’ it on during his show, having women on his lap naked that normally wouldn’t even give you or I the time of day.

But, while I used to be jealous of him and somewhat mad at him, I have to say, he does deserve it, with the work he puts in night and day.

Not just the high energy presentation he does on The Wanker Show, Monday through Friday, 7-9pm (PST), but the effort put forth in getting big named guests, well prepared material and hysterical improvisational games and sarcasm.

I tuned in last night after dinner, as I usually do, just planning on staying for a few minutes to make sure I was ‘up’ on the topic of the night. It was at that point that I hear Wankus seriously convincing Tuesday Night CoHo, Alana Evans, that she has to pay him to get it on with her husband on the air, during the show. Yes, Wankus was charging Evans $5.00 if she wanted some oral, from her own husband (which he happily paid by the way).

After a screaming orgasm, Wankus offered Ebony Night’s host Flexx, to Alana for $20 to have sex with him. $20 dollars that she would have to pay. Chris Evans passed Wankus a Twenty Spot and without even asking Alana, Wankus proceeded to direct Flexx on what he should do next. Having him disrobe, place his cock in Alana’s mouth, put a condom on and bang the hell out of her.

Obviously there wasn’t real prostitution going on, and Wankus didn’t force Alana to do anything she didn’t want to do, but my question is, “who thinks of this shit?!” As a listener at home, and seeing Wankus counting money on the web cams, it was hysterical.

You go Wankus! And for as long as you do go, myself and many others will be cheering you on! Lucky Asshole!

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