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Ice writes on RAME: I read this group a lot and have for a couple of years. Never posted anything, but I recieved [sic] a forward from a friend that I thought I’d pass along. It’s from a gay porn group on Yahoo which is run by a lot of “industy” gossip types from California. Not my world on either plane (I’m a hetero woman in New Mexico), but this guy used to be one of my favs which is why it was forwarded to me.

To: [email protected]
From: “dkatnite” <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 02:24:33 -0000
Subject: [IHEARARUMOR] Supertwink Lexx Parker breaks up with Str8 star Alec Metro

Lexx has asked me to make it known to one and all that the carefully guarded and barely suppressed rumors about him and Alec Metro are true, they DID have quite a relationship, according to Lexx.

But now it’s Splitsville for the two and Lexx is back on the prowl in more ways than one.

Alec Metro is a Vivid contract star of many Str8 movies and has also directed many, as a casual Google will show.

Lexx Parker is now looking for a new man who can satisfy him.

Gavin Braun perhaps, as long as Lexx gets the rent from him a month
in advance? LOL

Between this, and the last 2 Vivid videos my “Baby’s Daddy” bought with some guy named T. J. Cummings who’s better known as a gay prostitute called Nick Steele ; I’m losing faith that there are straight men in the world of porn.

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