Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster STILL won’t get the cops on me!


The clock is ticking and the time to March 7th and March 9th is getting close. Foster is trying to convince us that she had the upper hand and that she’s not worried at all about how Judge Bare will rule against her and how my testimony against her will help influence his decision. Foster truly thinks that she can pull a fast one over on us and she’s doing what she can to try and ruin me and hurt me!

As everyone has witnessed during my time on Twitter, how many people has Foster caused to not to associate with me? I post pics of me at the movies, I post pics of me at the Flamingo hotel having a nice margarita, I even get more retweets and favorites from REAL people for my support of our President and his wife than what Foster can get with tweets to her idiotic blogs and YouTube vids!

After three years, this yard is STILL trying to hurt me, lol! According to her, I FAILED to attend AEE this year. How does she know? She didn’t go! Of course I didn’t post my pictures of it because we ALL know gay she’ll use them ILLEGALLY to try and bully me.

Don’t even get me started of how she outed herself watching the Super Bowl all alone and none of her Twitter peeps were available to watch it with her! Lol

My birthday is right around the corner, the hearings on March 7th and 9th is karmas birthday presents for me. How did Foster spend her 38th birthday? All alone trying to get me blacklisted from AEE, yes Nikki Benz ignored Foster just like EVERYONE else does, lol! Even Desi Foxx pointed out how Foster gets ignored by the same people for the past 8 years, lol! Foster spent her 37th birthday arguing with Ari Bass for a few hours non-stop, lol, and it was over stupid shit! I got plans already made up for my birthday. I’ll post some just so that Foster can hate me even more knowing that I was out having a good time and enjoying life, unlike her. We have ALL witnessed this woman with her rants and other negative behavior on social media at odd hours of the day when most people sleep, unless they’re making money, and don’t forget her negative behavior on special days like her meltdown on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure that Matt Holder was with his wife on Valentine’s Day not even giving Foster a thought.

Foster thinks that she can win by harassing me and others from behind the safety of the computer. We ALL know that this lawsuit is just the base to build the foundation of getting criminal charges against her. She is full of hate, anger, and jealousy and she can’t control it! She can sit there and lie all she wants about not contacting my sponsors and not hiding behind accounts like @reporterson1, but before this year is over with, criminal charges will be filed against her.

I’m laughing my ass of at how she thinks that the judgment against her won’t affect her fake news media. Randazza doesn’t have to ask her to remove it, all he needs is that court order and show it to the host and the domain registrar and all of her shit will come down. Google complies with court orders and so Foster will lose her blogs and her YouTube vids and channels. Let’s not forget, Foster actually thought that she could get the case against her dismissed when she accused Randazza of trying to sex traffic her back into porn, lol! Look at how she had spent the next few days after she had lost, she harassed Brad Armstrong and Ari Bass for hours and hours. Ari fired back and Foster reported his account into Twitter and got him suspended. During this entire lawsuit, Foster hasn’t been able to come out on top or anything else. This idiot actually thought that she could utilize court mediation to prevent me from getting involved in the case against her, what a fucking idiot, especially when she didn’t want to give me what I wanted and how she’s harassed me! lol


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