Alexandra Mayers life is truly pathetic!

Spring time is upon us! Nationwide, the pools are open, women are dressing half naked, and people are flocking to the beaches on the weekend. However, Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster, continues to display how shitty her life is!

We have documented that she has spent her birthday, the holidays, odd hours of the night/morning engaged in negativity and obsessing over people.

Alexandra Mayers, who has proven countless times thatbshes a hypocrite and a fake Christian, is spending her Easter weekend obsessing and being controlled by her negative mind. This cross eyed monkey, dolled herself up just so that she can make a YouTube video (that no one of any importance will EVER watch) and decided to focus on degrading Dennis Hof. Basically, she decided to share her thoughts about how the Raiders should sue him for copyright infringement, even though she doesn’t know anything about the legal system because she’s an idiot! Getting to the point, it’s spring time and people are spending the weekends going to BBQ, the pools, the beach, etc, yet Alexandra Mayers decided to spend her Friday night letting her negative small and intellectually challenged brain forcing her to have a shitty enclosed life!

This cross eyed monkey had her 15 minutes of fame when she LIED about prostituting herself for a bad check. She’ll get mainstream attention in the near future when her cyber bullying/stalking causes criminal charges to be filed against her and news media reports about how pathetic and psychotic she is!

Just imagine seeing her on Fox News standing trial and unable to post bail. Imagine everything that she’s done to people will be broadcasted live for the entire nation to learn her name and see her face. People like Barry Nelson, Sunset Thomas, Desi Foxx, and others will not support her. Her parents will be put to shame for having a daughter such as her.

It’s coming! She doesn’t believe it, but then again, she believed that she could succeed as a sex worker, model, etc.! Hell, she STILL hasn’t learned that her petitions never succeed!




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