Alexandra Mayers makes no sense RE: “White Supremacy”

Alexandra Mayers’s favorite topic for this week is white supremacy. She seems obsessed with the topic and calls all that oppose her of being part of this movement. She seems very confused about what this is and of course nothing to back up her claims which again makes it pure and utter libel.

This makes absolutely no sense. If she had a white man impregnate her, the kids would not be white, they would be mystery meat. Why would a white supremacist support mystery meat kids? Where’s the white supremacy? She sounds very confused and very much like a raging troll at this point. On top of which, Donny Long’s kids are mixed. HELLO – Why would a “white supremacist” have mixed kids? MORE LIES EXPOSED.

For the record, she claims that Matthew Holder, white porn camera man, impregnated her and we forgot how the story went, either she claimed that she aborted the kid or lost it but either way, she has a history of lying so we don’t believe her but it seems very much that she would like to have had a child with Mr. Holder which is why she stalks him and his family to this day. HINT: When a man gets married and has kids with another woman, it is time to leave him alone and stop the stalking and harassment.

This is all for nothing. Let’s face it, she s pushing 40 and is no way fit mentally or physically to have any kids, thankfully, which is why she stalks other people’s families. Get a life and leave people’s kids out of it.



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