Alexandra Mayers wants to sue me

It has been brought to my attention that Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster wants to sue me! First off, this woman makes fun of me for stating the truth that she wasn’t at all mentioned in that article that she’s been boasting about. She provided a link, I clicked on it, and she was not mentioned in it at all. Mayers has provided screenshots of a completely different article from a long time ago that did mention her.

Mayers is obviously desperate for attention with Trump and Stormy Daniels and it’s never going to happen. She’s a porn failure, not a porn Star.

Now, a little birdie told me that Mayers wishes to sue me! Well, I’m down with it. Let’s not forget when she filed a TPO against me and I appeared in court and she didn’t. Let’s not forget how she kept failing for almost a whole year trying to get a permanent injunction on Donny and she failed at that!

According to life failure & spineless bitch, KWF, I violated our meditation agreement, where’s the proof?

Well, if she wants to make herself look stupid, as she always does, I’m down! Of course, I’m still waiting for the FBI to get me, since she reported me into them back in 2014. Also, since I’m stalking pornstars maybe they can take advantage of this and get me served with restraining orders! I can’t believe that both of these are taking so long, especially since this failed porn actress claims that she believes that I’m a dangerous person!

I hope that she does sue me, I would love to show the judge her tweets of wanting to kill kids of her enemies.


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