Alexandra Melody Mayers is a gutless chickenshit

Lives with mommy and logs onto the internet every day to push people’s buttons and harass them and when people return the favor, she throws a bitch fit and runs to the support team of any web site or web host to try to silence her detractors. She is a straight up gutless chickenshit coward who won’t go head to head with any of her opponents. She picks a fight and when they face up to her, she runs for cover.

As we speak, this yellow coward is combing through PWL’s articles and taking what she finds and whining and crying to various sources to try to get the site pulled. She is even whining on behalf of other porn people that are posted on that site because she thinks that might help take the site down as clearly, no one is going to help her get the articles about her removed since anyone can see as plain as day that those articles are in response to fights that she picked with PWL. She doesn’t give a shit about those people, she’s using them to try to get all the TRUTHFUL articles about her wiped from the internet and hide the fact that she is a pedo, scumbag, stalker and sex perverted creep. She wants to snap selfies on her rare trips out of the house and pretend shes “Living the dream” while the reality is that her life is one foul, smelly, steaming pile of manure.

This cunt would be right at home in North Korea with the propaganda and the isolation and the secrecy. What a complete loser.


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