@alexandramayers Twitter Account: Is There Anyone On Twitter That Uses An Older Headshot?

Back in 2010 or so, 2011 at the latest, when Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers was making a name for herself on the Porn Wiki Leaks forum and getting wikied left and right, a head shot was found and used and applied to one of her many wikis. This head shot must have been a year or two old at that time or even older. Fast forward to 2016, FIVE years later and she’s STILL using that head shot for her @alexandramayers Twitter account where she has all of 165 followers. Is anyone aware of anyone that uses an older head shot than this? This is a potentially 6-8 year old picture. Foster is noticeably older, saggier and droopier now than she was in that photo, which by the way uses a generous amount of lighting, photo shop and make up. Foster also has taken a step or ten down in the wardrobe department where she now wears $4.95 t-shirts from Walmart out of necessity.

sfj3odzmMonica Foster



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