Alexis Ford on Howard Stern for Groping Game

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from – Howard said Alexis Ford has been there 3 times before. Howard said she’s been a Miss Howard TV and other things. Howard said she’s gorgeous too. Howard said that there’s nothing better than that.

Howard asked Alexis how she’s doing. She said she’s good. Howard said she’s not getting any plugs yet. He said she’s a saint for agreeing to do this. Howard said they have 3 guys there who are huge fans of her’s.

He said that she could get thousands of plugs but she has to earn them. She has to answer questions and if she gets them right she gets plugs. If she gets them wrong then her fans get to grope her. Howard said that they’ll get to touch her all over. Alexis said that’s what she’s expecting. She said that she wants a good titty grab if they grab her tits. She said that she wants them to rub up against her and she may grope right back.

Howard asked what her feet look like. She showed them to Howard and he said they look good too. Alexis said her fans can lick the dirt right off of them if they want. She said she’s started doing anal in her movies now.

Howard said one of the things that’s amazing about Alexis is… Robin said that he just missed that she said she’s doing anal now in porn. Howard said that was very rude of him. Howard said that she wants to plug that movie but she can’t do that yet.

Howard asked about how much she’s taken up there. She said she had an 11 incher in there balls deep. She said that was easier than doing a DP scene. She said that she did DP (Double Penetration) and she had two big guys in her at once. Howard said that has to be more overwhelming than just anal. Alexis said it is.

She said that she has a guy she fucks in her personal life and he wasn’t able to deal with her being a whore. Howard said he understands that. He said that means that he must have cared for her. She said he was in the street doing his own thing. She said he was basically a street hustler. Howard said that’s sort of sweet that he was jealous in a way. Alexis said it wasn’t good for her.

Howard asked Alexis about this guy who did her in the ass. She said this guy is like 11-12 inches and the size of a coke can. She said he actually works in this building. Howard asked who it was. She said he’s a radio guy. Howard asked if he works for Sirius. She said he does. Howard asked if it’s Tim Sabean. She said he’s a black guy. Howard asked how thick this thing is. Alexis said it’s bigger than anything she’s ever seen. Howard said it’s bigger than a beer can.

She said it’s fucking huge. Howard asked what she does with it. She said it hurts to go in her pussy so she told him to put it in her ass. She said it went in and he told him that he has to ease her asshole before her scenes.

Howard asked how long it takes to ease into her ass. She said that she sticks 2 or 3 fingers in to open it up for him so he can get it in there. She said she can orgasm from that too. She said she rubs her pussy and then she’ll put it in her mouth.

Howard asked Alexis is she talks dirty like she does in porn. She said that she doesn’t do that in her personal life. Howard said he wants that. Alexis said if she’s having a crazy orgasm she can’t think. Howard said he heard a story about Alexis bringing a manager and some girls home from a strip club to orgy.

She said she did. She said she was working in Queens and she was working with her best friend. She said she had all of these girls come home with her and about 8 came home. She said the owner and manager came too. She said she called her boyfriend to come over and he said he wasn’t able to do it. She said he came over and just sat there. Alexis said she told him to take his dick out and he thought she was pressuring him. Howard said this guy could have been in on a non-stop party.

Howard said it was time to meet the fans who would be playing the game. Howard had the guys bring the contestants in. Howard said that the first guy is Kevin. Howard said they’re more of a mess than he thought they would be. Next up was Ron and then Matt. Howard said hi to all three and then said they’ll have an exciting game.

Howard asked Matt what he’s going to do if he gets to grope her. He said he will go front to back and get a reach around. Howard said Matt is single and he’s never had a girlfriend. He’s a virgin too. Matt said he’s 28. Howard said he’s not a bad looking guy. He is a little overweight. Howard asked what goes on that makes him a virgin. Matt said he doesn’t have a big group of friends and he’s just never met anyone. He said that the guys he works with in construction think he should get a hooker but he won’t do that. He said they want to bring him to some regular old hooker. He said he has felt boobies before though. He said about a month ago he went to his 10 year reunion and the girl he was in love with came home with him that night. He said it was awesome but it was after the after bar and he was hammered. He said they were making out and going at it. He said he got to third base and then she looked him in the eyes and said she wanted him to stick his cock in her and his cock would not rise to the occasion. Howard asked how many drinks he had. He said he had like 7 shots of whisky before he went and then he had more there. Howard said he should have slept it off and then banged her. He said he did that and then he got up and he still wasn’t able to get up. Alexis said she’s never heard a story like that. She asked why she didn’t start blowing him. Matt said she just didn’t do it.

Matt said he’s still in contact with the girl. He said that she lives in New York and they have talked. He said she has a whole life of her own. Howard said he doesn’t understand that. He said the next day it should have been in her. Matt said it just wasn’t ready.

Howard asked if Matt is a huge fan of Alexis’. Matt said he isn’t a huge fan but he did want to get on the show.

Howard moved on to Ron next. Howard said he lives in Rockland County and he is a fan too. Ron said he had her in his cab once. Howard said that he read about that. Ron said that she wanted to go to Queens and she told him she was a porn star and she wanted to have an orgy and all of this other stuff. He said he was trying to get himself invited to the orgy she wanted to have. He said she looked really pretty and she wasn’t playing it up. He said she asked him to follow her on Twitter and they’d see what happens. He said he won’t give away what he wants to do today when he gets to feel her up.

Howard moved on to Kevin who is 6’6” tall. Howard said he must be pretty heavy. Kevin said he’s 360 pounds. He said he used to bounce in a strip club. Howard said Alexis has seen him a lot too. Kevin said he has seen her dance a few time and they have some mutual friends. He said that she’s very nice to her fans and she remembers them. He said she’s a genuine person. Kevin said that he likes her movies too. Howard found out Kevin had a wife but he’s divorced now. Kevin said she was a crazy Sicilian.

Howard said that it’s time for Alexis to get over to the podium and play the game. Howard said she’s going to get lots of plugs if she gets her answers right today. Howard said she should probably be nude for this. Alexis agreed and she got naked. Howard said she looks terrific too. Howard said that she must have just shaved last night. Ron asked what the tattoo was. She said it’s Tinkerbell. It’s near her vagina. Howard said she must need a bucket of dust to cool that thing down.

Howard asked Alexis ”Which is the nearest star to Earth?” Alexis said ”The north star.” Howard said she is incorrect. Howard said it’s actually the sun. Howard asked what happened there. Alexis said she didn’t know that the sun was a star. She thought it was a planet. One of the guys said she doesn’t see the sun that much. She’s always in the clubs.

Howard asked who gets to grope her first. Alexis picked Kevin. Kevin went over and went right to her boobs and then to her ass. Howard had him back up a little bit after the grope. Howard asked if he’s getting aroused. Kevin said it’s getting there. Will said his hands were all wet. Alexis said they were. Kevin said they were not.

Howard asked Alexis ”What game has 18 holes?” Alexis said ”Mini-golf.” Howard asked if she was going with mini golf or golf. She went with golf. Howard said that’s right so she gets a plug. Howard asked which plug she wanted. She said the movie. Howard said she has DP in this movie and she has a 5 guy blow bang. That’s where all 5 guys blow their loads on her and she wipes it all into her mouth. Kevin said he has seen movies like that. He said he wants to see her’s though. Howard said the name of the movie is ”Alexis Ford: Dark Side.” She said that it’s a series that Jules Jordan does. Howard asked when the movie will be out. She said it’ll be out in September.

Howard asked Alexis ”Spell QUESTION.” Alexis was able to do it no problem. Alexis got a plug for an appearance she’s making in August in South Dakota.

Howard asked Alexis ”What is Venison?” Alexis said ”who?” Howard asked it again. Alexis had no idea what it was. She said it was a city. Howard said that’s wrong but it was a good try. He said Venice is a city. Howard said that Venison is deer meat. Alexis said she’s a vegan.

Howard asked who gets to feel her up next. Alexis picked Matt. Howard said Ron is upset about that. Matt went over and felt her up. Matt said that was pretty good. Alexis said she could tell he’s a virgin. She said that he’s very nervous. Howard asked if he orgasmed during that. He said he didn’t.

Howard asked Alexis ”Fidel Castro led a communist revolution where?” She said Cuba. Howard said that is correct and she just got another plug. Howard gave her a plug for her web site

Howard asked Alexis to finish the phrase ”It was the best of times it was _____” Alexis thought that it was ”Good times.” Howard said that is wrong. It’s ”The worst of times.” Howard said that Ron gets to grope her now.

Ron went up and asked if anything goes. Howard said he can’t put his penis in her. Ron did an examination according to Robin. He felt her up and Alexis looked like she was going to vomit according to Howard. Ron asked how it felt. She said that she expected more.

Howard asked Alexis ”What is a periodical?” Alexis said that it’s a cycle. Howard asked her to be more specific. She said that it’s like a period cycle. Howard said that’s interesting and had Fred lock her in on that answer. Howard said that it’s actually a magazine. Howard said that a lot of people don’t know that. Howard said it’s Kevin’s turn again. Kevin went over and felt her up again. Howard asked if his hands are wet. Kevin said he swears they’re not. Alexis looked traumatized over it. Howard said if she backs up anymore her head will go through the wall. Howard said they’ll get her out of there soon enough.

Howard asked Alexis ”Adolph Hitler was the leader of what country?” She said Germany. Howard gave her a plug for the movie ”50 Shades of Gray XXX” next.

Howard asked Alexis her last question which was for a group grope. The question was ”What does FDA stand for?” She said it’s Federal Drug Administration. Howard said that’s wrong, it’s Food and Drug Administration. Howard asked if she’s ever been groped by a big group of guys. Howard said that she’ll have to let the guys all group grope her. She bent over for the guys and Ron spanked her. Kevin gave her a rub on her belly.

Howard said he wants to give her one more chance at a plug. Howard asked her to spell gourmet. She answered ”GOURMET.” Howard said that was right and he’s glad that she didn’t have to get group groped again. Howard gave her a plug for an appearance she’s making at Cadillac Jack’s in Arizona.

Howard said he thinks that the guys freaked her out more than Lexington Steel’s cock in her ass. Alexis did sound pretty shaken up. Howard gave her a bunch of plugs and wrapped up with everyone. Howard told her to go home and take a nice, hot shower. Howard said she’s going to go home and become a nun now. Alexis said that they actually inspire her to take on more cock. Howard asked the guys if they were good with what happened. Each of the guys had something to say. Kevin got a little creepy. Howard said that he hopes that Matt gets the girl he was talking about. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.

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