Ali Joone Comments on Digital Glasses

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from A few years ago, adult film producer Joone of Digital Playground told me that mobile phones are much more attractive to the porn industry than a PC or the TV, because they are personal devices and offer the viewer more privacy, potentially removing content purchasing barriers. As Google’s fancy digital glasses coming up, I am wondering how much more personal a content viewing device can be – and how much better it could get for the adult industry?

Apparently, the interest of these glasses currently surrounds the capture of POV videos (point-of-view), which may work very well with a pair of glasses. Of course, this may be a rather professional use of Google’s technology and rather awkward in a natural relationship. It is rather common sense to assume that a close-to-eye screen will also be used for content consumption and it would be rather unusual if the adult film industry wasn’t already working on ideas to leverage this new opportunity.

An article at PC Mag, however, points to a much more innocent scenario as well – smart dating. You could impress your dinner date with knowledge about the best wine to order and inquire about the background of your date and specific things she or he likes or hates via social networks. Of course, wearing Google glasses may give away the surprise and turn you into a creep and not the hot date you think you are.

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