ALL WHORES LIE! Christian Michael Wians @ChristianXXX1 IS A LIAR!

Christian X

I am 6’5 which is very tall for male performers, I think this is good in TS porn especially bc the girls tend to be taller, but I still make them look small


Frank H. Wians

I realized that this is going to be my career very early. So I never try to get out or leave, or become a civilian. I am in this for the long haul and I’m completely fine with that. So many girls hate doing this for a career and are looking to get out as soon as the first guy comes along and tells them to do something else.

BULLSHIT! This asshole threatened to get out when he turned 40 and now he’s YEARS past 40! He is in the same spot as Monica Foster in that this HAS to be his career because he’s got no other options! He called Tom Byron and Rob Black “Losers” and “Lifers” and now he’s a lifer! And he doesn’t want to be!


I have always been able to work every day, sometimes two times a day, week after week, month after month, year after year, without injuring myself, almost always being hard (I have had some terrible times where my dick hasn’t worked for like a week or two – scary). The male performer’s ability to continue to work over a long period of time is not a sure thing.

BULLSHIT! This fucker buys Kamagra in bulk and can’t get it up without it!

Viagra gel

Fuck you, you liar!



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